303 In Pursuit

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When the arrow pierced its abdomen, the big worm trembled and let out an extremely miserable cry.

Then, it fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Was it dead?

Huanhuan wasn't sure. Just to be safe, she asked Little Green to tie up the big worm.

The lotus seemed to be quite interested in this big worm. It opened all its petals, planning to enjoy the delicious meal.

Just as it was about to bite down, the big worm suddenly raised its upper body, revealing its abdomen that had been pierced by the arrow.

Huanhuan had a bad feeling and quickly shouted, "Little Lotus, Little Green, come back!"

As soon as her voice fell, countless pink worms spewed out of the big worm's stomach through the wound pierced by the arrow!

Huanhuan was so frightened.

Fortunately, Little Lotus and Little Green reacted quickly enough and returned to her side in time to avoid being pounced on by the little worms.


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