When Beauty Meets Beasts

Lin Nuannuan never expected to transmigrate from a simple bath! She could handle that, but why did she transmigrate into a world of Beastmen? There are handsome Beastmen draped in animal hide everywhere. And all of them have their long legs exposed! What? The tiger and white wolf wants to marry me!? NO! NO! NO! Nothing good comes from a love that transcends species. Give up!

Big Fruit Pellets · Fantasy
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880 Chs

How Embarrassing!

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Xue Ling left with Xue Hui, using the excuse of going to gather information and hunt.

Huanhuan took out a bone knife, cut her wrist, and dripped blood into the bowl.

Xuan Wei was seriously injured. If Huanhuan only used a little of her blood, it would definitely not be of much use.

Huanhuan only stopped after filling a bowl with blood.

She wrapped the cloth around the wound and said to Bai Di, "Feed him first. If it's not enough, I'll squeeze more."

Bai Di looked at her pale face and thanked her.

Huanhuan smiled. "We're family. Don't give me such pleasantries. I'll be sad."

Bai Di helped Xuan Wei's head up and poured the blood into his mouth until there was nothing left.

A moment later, Huanhuan's blood began to take effect.

The wounds on Xuan Wei's body healed at a visible speed. Fresh skin grew out of the scalded areas. Before long, the wounds on his body were basically healed.