267 Everyone Who Saw It Was Dead!

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Huanhuan only wanted to use Bai Di's identity to intimidate Tong Fu. She did not expect him to be so frightened that he would lay on the ground without daring to get up.

It felt as if she'd thrown a grenade and realized afterward that it was an atomic bomb.

It was too powerful, far beyond expectations.

Huanhuan asked Tong Fu to stand up.

Tong Fu lay on the ground, refusing to get up.

Helpless, Huanhuan could only say to Jiu Yuan, "Get him up."

Jiu Yuan grabbed Tong Fu and picked him up from the ground.

Jiu Yuan had already awakened his soul beast, so his strength was far greater than before. It was very easy for him to carry an adult beast with one hand.

Huanhuan smiled and said, "Since we've proven that your identity as an envoy is real, we'll naturally treat you with respect. Lord Envoy, don't be afraid."

Tong Fu said, "I'm not afraid."

"Then why are you trembling?"


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