When Beauty Meets Beasts

Lin Nuannuan never expected to transmigrate from a simple bath! She could handle that, but why did she transmigrate into a world of Beastmen? There are handsome Beastmen draped in animal hide everywhere. And all of them have their long legs exposed! What? The tiger and white wolf wants to marry me!? NO! NO! NO! Nothing good comes from a love that transcends species. Give up!

Big Fruit Pellets · Fantasy
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880 Chs

Don't Be Afraid Of Me

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After some introductions, Huanhuan learned that the jackal was called Xin Hong. There were a total of 23 beasts in his group, and one of them was a female named Hou Yan.

Half of the male beasts in this group were the mates of Hou Yan. Xin Hong was one of them.

As for the other half of the male beasts, they were all followers of Hou Yan. They were working hard to obtain her approval and become one of her mates.

Huanhuan watched as Hou Yan was surrounded by more than 20 male beasts like a queen. She was speechless for a long time.

Xing Chen asked, "What are you thinking about? Why aren't you talking?"

"I'm thinking about something."


Huanhuan said seriously, "I'm wondering what a female has to do to satisfy the needs of more than 10 mates. Won't she die of exhaustion in bed?"

After hearing this, Xing Chen thought about it seriously before saying…

"Perhaps this female has greater needs."

"I see…"