331 Causing Trouble For Herself

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When Bai Di heard what Huanhuan had to say, there was a short silence.

As if he had made up his mind, he said to Xue Ling, "I'll save Xuan Wei. Stay here and protect Huanhuan and Xue Hui."

Xue Ling frowned. "It's too dangerous for you to be alone. I'll go with you."

Huanhuan quickly echoed, "The three of you can go. The chances of winning will be higher."

If not for the fact that she was too weak and afraid of becoming a burden, she would have followed them to save them.

Bai Di disagreed. "If we all leave, what will happen to you?"

"I'll be fine alone," Huanhuan promised solemnly. "Little Green and Little Lotus will protect me. If worse comes to worst, I still have a secret method to protect myself. There won't be a problem."

Bai Di was still worried about leaving her alone. He insisted on leaving someone behind to protect her.


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