When Arrogance Clash Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

When Arrogance Clash


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We are all used to a poor naive girl falling for a rich billionaire CEO guy kind of romance stories, what if the tables turned and we get to see a rich CEO lady falling for a young janitor "When Arrogance Clash," is about that kind of love story but with a twist. Cedrian is a young half hispanic handsome man with dreams of getting away from his home village and making it big. One day his cousin in America finds him a job in one of the biggest cosmetic companies, for him to start a new life but unknowingly a beautiful young CEO of the company falls for him, Will he fall for her too? Or will he land his hands on the biggest opportunity of a lifetime or will he stick to his principles of making it from scratch and ignore her? Please follow me on this journey of cat and mouse until the end.