1 Kind eyes

All Sunghoon thought about that moment is how to save the man in front of him. How his world would crumble if anything terrible happens to him. He acted quickly based on his instinct.

Woojin, love of my life.

This should not be the end for us.

He thought before closing his eyes.



Olympic Athlete and Hotel Mogul Choi Sung Hoon in a critical stage after fatal accident.


Choi Sung Hoon professional athlete and CQ Heir in a coma


Update: Beloved national athlete and business man Choi Sung Hoon, still in a coma for 6 weeks.


Doctors are uncertain if Choi Sung Hoon will wake up


Chapter one

He tries to open his eyes but it felt heavy. He felt a bright light shining directly at his face making his head pound, it was so painful that he felt like his skull is being crushed. He could not lift his arms to cover his face. What could he have possibly had done to end up in this state, he thought.

Sunghoon was relieved when he felt his toes move. On the other hand his left arm could be paralyzed as he can not lift it but what's funny is that he can feel a slight sensation. Sung Hoon felt something heavy pressing on it. It felt a like a smooth warm skin against his arm. He tries harder to move his arm, it flinched.

"Sunghoon?? Are you awake? Sunghoon!?" The voice called out. The voice sounded worried and relieved at the same time. "I'll call the doctor! Oh my gosh Sunghoon. Thank God!" Now that he is partially awake he can not recognize the voice. But his voice made him feel safe and assured though it doesn't sound like anyone of his family member however, he expected that it could be one of their servant or worst. One of his flings. Sung Hoon made a mental prayer that when he opens his eyes, he hopes that this person be decent looking. Although he hasn't seen the face yet he feels like he can trust him.

The doctors rushed to their most important patient. Not only is Choi Sung Hoon a national and we'll loved athlete but also one of the heir to the conglomerate. If he didn't wake up then their precious hospital is done for, worst is that the employment of all the people that's involved in this case depends if Young master Choi regains consciousness.

Choi Sunghoon woke up in the hospital 2 months after the accident.

It has been two months since the threat and everyone is growing impatient as well as the CEO. CEO Choi who was a calm and collect lady had a breakdown the first time she saw the situation that his son was into. The CEO never fails to visit the young master everyday since he was admitted to the hospital. Now, his mother will be receiving good news.

He did not open his eyes till the physical check-up was finished. He can hear the man's soothing voice, he assumed that he was talking to Madame Choi on the phone. When he felt that he's ready he opens his eyes. The man was of average height and a bit plump, he walked to him when he saw that he's looking at him. The man held his hand softly, he felt weird. Like it really belongs on his hand.

Sung Hoon continues to stare at him trying to remember who he is but his face was a bit blurry. "Mother is on her way." He said consoling. While staring at his face, Sung hoon noticed the familiar tiny mole on the tip of his nose. Who could he be? And how bold of him to call Madame Choi "mother". He thought. He was still holding his hand, Sung Hoon wants to ask him who he is but he still can't speak. His throat and lips felt dry so he pointed at the water bottle. The man attentively opens it, placed a straw and put it on his mouth.

Damn are caregivers this attentive? He wonders. His hand was holding on to the man's hand and it involuntarily would not let go. So the man just held his hand while talking to the doctor. This time his vision is clearer and he noticed that the man has a pretty face, he smiled thinking that he's unconsciously drawn to beautiful people. He keeps on biting his lips and whenever he does it his cheeks would puff and show a deep set of dimples. His brother Do Jin has dimples and it disgustingly looks good on him but this guy's dimples are cute, the ones you'd want to stick your finger to . . . or tongue.

His thinking was cut short, CEO Choi followed by the beautiful SuHa went inside the room. Without saying anything he opens his arms, the Madame quickly embraced the young master with tears in her eyes. With all his strength he joked "Aww mommy stop it, Suha might think that I'm a Mama's boy". He struggled not to stutter, those were his first words after waking up so he did a good job.

Lady Choi stood up to hug the man and talk to him about Sung Hoon's situation.

"You, come here." Sung Hoon commanded, for a second the man thought that he was talking to him and made his way to Sung Hoon but his eyes were fixed on Suha. Suha looked at him puzzled. "Come." He repeats patting the side of his bed, signaling him to sit. Suha trudged towards him, Sung Hoon's hand automatically touch the side of his waist. "Hey, if Ji Hoo. Still ignores you. You know where to find me right? I look just like him but I have a bigger dick." He grinned and chuckled. He noticed that people around him stopped talking and looked at him. Everybody knows that he has a filthy mouth so what's with the surprised look? He thought.

"You stopped joking about things like that right after you got . . ." He stopped mid-sentence, he looks very concerned and confused. Mrs. Choi's face was also stunned, she looks at SuHa. SuHa breathes and delivered his line "You stopped joking about things like that right after you met Woojin."

"Honey, do you know why you're here?" Madame Choi asked calmly.

"No, did I finally dived of a drained pool?" He said jokingly, trying to ease the atmosphere.

Finally the man talks and worriedly asked him. "What year is it?"

Everyone was surprised as Choi Sung Hoon answered with confidence.

It was 8 years ago, a time where Kang Woo Jin does not exist. Woo jin's heart sank, his hands and feet were cold, his shoulders were low.

Madame Choi called for the Doctors again and briefed them of their situation. The Doctor reassured them that it's only temporary amnesia and that he'll be able to remember anytime.

"Alfonso, this is Kang Woo Jin." Sung Hoon felt tensed on his mother's introduction. She calls him Alfonso on serious events. "Okay?" Sung Hoon replies, he's curious of the suspense.

"This is your husband Kang Woo Jin. You married him 7years ago." Madame Choi said firmly.

Sung Hoon's heart rate rockets and is visibly shown on his heart monitor.

"What??" He chuckles. "Why?" He looks like he wanted to laugh the situation away hoping that it's a joke. He knew that he didn't want to get married. The shock on all of their faces made him realized that it was serious and she's not joking.

Anastasia Choi had never thought it would be possible. Of all the people he can't remember, he can't remember Woo Jin. He almost died saving him. Sung Hoon looks at the man's face and it seems like he's about to cry.

Kang Woo Jin was looking down at his own fiddling hands. His nose and eyes are red, his confidence is already rock bottom and one more word from him and he'll breakdown.

Two months ago he had a husband who loves him, who'd protect him even if it costs his life and now he's a stranger to him. Never has he imagined that he'll be standing in front of him as no one.

"Hey." Sung Hoon said softly. When Woojin looked up at him, his hand was signaling him to come. Woojin took little slow steps till he reached him. His hands touched his cheek, his eyes burning holes in his face. "Must be your hole cause I can't think of anything else." Sung Hoon said with disdain.

"Hope you get better soon because we like the 'you' that isn't such a cunt." Anastasia Choi taunts.

"It's just I'd never thought of marrying anyone, specially a man!" To this point Choi Sung Hoon wished that they're just doing a prank on him. "I've always thought that if ever I'd be gay I'll take someone that looks like SuHa." He added.

SuHa is a very good looking doctor. Who looks like he's in every gay man's fantasy. He's young and accomplished, his physique looks like an idol. On top of that SuHa is everything he's insecure about.

"Well you don't because the likes of SuHa is Alonzo's type. You like someone who's kind and warm. Like Kang Woo Jin who you randomly met on a Tuesday afternoon." The mother and son pair talk like SuHa and Woo Jin are not in the same room. Sung Hoon looks at his mother in disbelief and before he could say anything she added "Don't look at me like that. You said that cheesy line and I just happened to remember it because it's too cringey."

After some time, SuHa and CEO Choi left. Before the CEO left she emphasized an order to Sung Hoon. "Run your mouth again like that and I'll have it sewn shut."

Still beside Sung Hoon is Woo Jin who secretly cried because of his earlier comment. For the past year Woo Jin has learned to cry in silence, he was afraid that if Sung Hoon knew he'd be annoyed. With his eyes wet and his nose runny, he tried his best to hold himself together. He didn't know but Sung Hoon noticed everything.

"Hey..." Sung Hoon said softly but Woo Jin cuts him off. "It's Kang Woo Jin. I have a name just so you know." He tried to regain his composure and his shattered pride. Woo Jin walked closer to him till he was leaning on the side of his bed. Sung Hoon raised his hand to hold his face and said.

"Definitely not your face." He sad insensitively, his hand gently lingered on his chest. Woo Jin felt conscious, he doesn't want him to feel his fast heartbeat. "Or maybe I really like titties?" He continues "Your ass must be deluxe." His hand grabbed his butt cheek, his smile was mocking. Woo Jin knew what he's doing. He's trying to insult him so that he'll be easy to manipulate. Sung Hoon has a way of making people please him.

"It is and you spent most of your time ramming in me. Too bad we'll be divorced soon and you'll crave the feeling of being inside me." Woo Jin hissed.

Sung Hoon was speechless. Surprisingly, he was more perplexed with this news than him marrying a man. He can't believe what he just heard. It's like bombs after bombs. His facial expression slowly changed to amusement.

"Wow, you couldn't wait to tell me that could you? I wasn't awake for 24 hours and yet you had the need to tell me that?" He snapped. Woo Jin felt guilty, he admits that it was probably too early.

"Does the old me know about this?" He asked.

"Yes" he said confidently.

"And did I agreed to it?" By this time Sung Hoon's voice is getting high. There was a pause on Woo Jin's answer.

"N-no. . ." He stuttered, he wanted to add something but he couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Well, I thought so too. I know that I wouldn't agree to a wedding and I would never agree to a divorce. So you better wait for me to remember everything before I sign those damn papers." He said mockingly.

Sung Hoon thought that it was unfair how he'll be signing something so crucial when he can't remember anything. He knows his values well, if he married him then he must've loved him so much to make that important decision. Despite being looked at as someone immoral, he has high regard on marriage so for sure he did not marry him out of whim.

Woo Jin was looking down again. Sung Hoon was visibly upset and he wanted to apologize but he couldn't open his mouth. He knows that it was unfair to bring up divorce when he doesn't know nor understand anything yet.

"What? You'll grant me that at least, right? Since I bet the past me loved you enough to think of marriage." He fumed. He looks at Kang Woo Jin who couldn't look him in the eyes, he agreed.


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