16 Stomped and Beaten to Death

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As Tang Lin stomped his feet, he sighed in his heart. "The Stoneman's Heart skill had been strengthened. It was no wonder I woke up like I was on steroids."

Of the three mutation options, the first seemed to be very cost-effective. Tang Lin had personally experienced the power of the Stoneman's Heart. If it was raised to Level 5 all of a sudden, the effect would definitely double. Looking at the other two options, it was difficult to tell from the description how big the change would be, to go from Silver to Gold level. But 1000 points of Wish Power points were required.

This was originally a less attractive option, but in Tang Lin's opinion, it strengthened his determination to choose a Gold skill. If the system had not deliberately tricked him, then this Gold skill was clearly 1000 Wish Power points more expensive than a Level 5 Silver skill.

Since Gold-tier skills were so precious, how could Tang Lin give it a miss?

Therefore, he could only choose from the two skills, 'Earth Child' and 'Ruler of the Wasteland'.

Judging from the description, the Earth Child looked like an enhanced version of the Stoneman's Heart. Apart from its original ability, it also had the effect of changing the terrain. However, it was hard to say how strong it was. In any case, it wouldn't be strong to the level that he could casually mold a pyramid like Apocalypse. The effect of the Stoneman's Heart wasn't very strong and yet required 1500 Wish Power points. This Gold skill only required 1,000 Wish Power points, so it was impossible to directly increase it to the level of Apocalypse.

The Ruler of the Wasteland sounded more impressive, and could directly extract the vitality of the earth to strengthen oneself. Although it seemed very environmentally unfriendly, this strengthening effect was definitely much stronger than the Stoneman's Heart. One was a high price low quality once-off deal, and the other was a low price low profit deal. It was obvious which option was more advantageous in the short run.

In terms of skill effects, the Ruler of the Wasteland was more effective, but after much consideration, Tang Lin still chose the Earth Child.

This was because not only did he have to consider the strengthening effect, but he also had to consider the side effects of using the skill. In the state of transmigration, Tang Lin had no qualms about using the skill of the Ruler of the Wasteland. In any case, he wasn't going to stay there for long.

However, considering that he was going to return to the real world and might very possibly use this ability in the real world, he would become a sinner of the country if he caused a few kilometers of desertification everytime. It took the Chinese generations of hard work for the country to lead the world in reforestation.

If Tang Lin chose the Ruler of the Wasteland and went back to the real world to practice his skills, thereby causing air pollution or something, he would be letting down his identity as the successor of Communism.

"It's a harmonious society now. Of course, we have to take the path of sustainable development." This was how Tang Lin comforted himself, and he chose the skill Earth Child.

Initially, Tang Lin still had 1200 Wish Power points left. Now that he leveled up, it was as if he had returned to pre-liberation.

However, the effect of this skill evolution was quite good. After the Stoneman's Heart evolved into the Earth power, Tang Lin realized that he had a different sensation when he stomped his foot.

The originally soft ground had already been shattered by Tang Lin's stomp, and Apocalypse had also sunk into the soil because of this, so he did not suffer much damage. At most, the shock force required him to resist for a while, and he could still withstand it with his recovery ability.

But now, Tang Lin felt the ground under his feet solidify automatically, pushing Apocalypse out and touching him come into close contact with Tang Lin's feet. In addition, the ground also became harder, transforming from soil to rock.

After taking this heavy kick, Apocalypse immediately spat out a large mouthful of blood and almost turned into a meat patty.

This was the effect of the Earth Child changing the terrain. Although to Tang Lin, it could only affect a very small area, to Apocalypse, the difference in size was a fatal blow.

Tang Lin only felt that the feeling under his feet was much more solid, and his stomping was more energized. He stomped more than ten times before stopping.

This round of attacks was Tang Lin's greatest damage output. If Apocalypse still didn't die, Tang Lin really wouldn't be able to do anything else.

Raising his foot, he saw something so disgusting on the ground that it needed to be pixelated. He could barely see a tiny semblance to the original Apocalypse. However, it was as if it had been attacked by a dimension reduction weapon, directly decreasing from three-dimensional to two-dimensional.

"He should be totally dead, right?" Tang Lin thought.

Just as he was about to pick up the two-dimensional flesh and burn it before scattering the ashes, Tang Lin suddenly felt a pain in his neck. When he reached out to touch it, he felt blood dripping.

The Angel who had just been blasted away had returned. When he saw that Tang Lin had stomped on Apocalypse and turned him into a meat patty, this loyal Angel came forward to fight. Her steel wings sliced open the gauze on Tang Lin's neck and cut his skin.

However, this wound was very shallow and it healed very quickly. Tang Lin felt that his recovery ability was more than twice as strong as before. As expected, golden skills were awesome and powerful. Looking at Angel flying haphazardly in front of him, Tang Lin did not use the toilet brush. Instead, he clapped his hands together like he was hitting a mosquito.

Angel flew very fast and could fly through the gaps in Tang Lin's palms. Although the huge concussion and the whirlwind created by the palms made it difficult for the angel to maintain her balance, she still flew around Tang Lin tenaciously, looking for an opportunity to counterattack.

Angel knew that with her small size, the damage she dealt to the giant was insignificant. Therefore, it could only attack the giant's vital points. Attacking the neck was just a test. It did not expect the giant mummy giant to really bleed. This meant that she stood a chance to turn the tables.

Tang Lin spun around a few times and realized that he could not keep up with Angel's speed. After being bullied by the toilet brush once, Angel had already adapted to Tang Lin's movements and would not be easily hit again.

However, Angel did not know that the current Tang Lin was no longer the same as before.

Tang Lin closed his eyes and felt the pulse from the ground. This feeling was much clearer than before. Not only could he "hear" the sound of the ground, but he could also "communicate" with it.

The sand on the ground seemed to be pulled by an invisible force and actually flew off the ground toward Tang Lin's hands. Angel could not see the changes below. She was flying at 200 meters altitude and keeping a close watch on Tang Lin's actions, ready to attack at any time.

Seeing that Tang Lin suddenly closed his eyes and kept still, she thought that her chance had come. She flew towards Tang Lin's neck at her fastest speed, wanting to cut a bigger wound than before.

However, just as she got close to Tang Lin, a huge palm slapped at her. The action was no different from before. Angel cried under her breath over the wasted opportunity and was prepared to change direction to dodge. However, it was different this time round. There was a spinning sandstorm in Tang Lin's palm. Just as Angel was about to dodge, it exploded.

The sandstorm in Tang Lin's palm was like a huge net when it exploded. It covered a much larger area than Tang Lin's palm, leaving Angel with nowhere to hide. Angel was shocked and could only try her best to retract her steel wings to protect herself.

The sand and gravel hit Angel's wings with a loud clang that made Angel's ears hurt. However, the pain only lasted for half a second. Angel then felt pain all over her body and lost consciousness.

Tang Lin slapped Angel between his hands. He was worried that he hadn't killed her, so he even rubbed his palms a few times before opening them. There was a dark red thing in the sand in his palms, like a flattened mosquito.

Tang Lin stretched out his fingers in disdain and flicked the ball of flesh, sending it to god knows where.

After killing this annoying mosquito, Tang Lin finally felt satisfied.

Now that he had taken care of Magneto's problem, surely he would be able to return smoothly.

Tang Lin looked down… Eh, where's good old Magneto?

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