What if... Thor had a son? (MCU AU)

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What is What if... Thor had a son? (MCU AU)

Read ‘What if... Thor had a son? (MCU AU)’ Online for Free, written by the author Nuclide, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What if... Thor had a son?I wondered how Amora could be a part of the MCU but at the same time not. She is one of the be...


What if... Thor had a son? I wondered how Amora could be a part of the MCU but at the same time not. She is one of the better antagonists of the Thor comics and since often her actions in the comics are out of self-preservation or greed and not outright evil for evil's sake (well in the plots I like her in anyway) I decided to put her into the MCU just like that. A selfish person who wanted to save her own life, no matter the consequences. The MCU and Thor especially have a comedic outlook on most things anyway, so why not on this 'villain', too. Well, after having a son, she gave up her life anyway. I think I came up with a good reason. The MC, who starts off as a young teenager in the first arc, and a valkyrie acting as his caretaker, together with an uru sword and golden apples of Idunn are the only 'OC's I will put into the MCU at the start. Amora will have left a footprint in the world too, but nothing 'big'. I was really torn between using a valkyrie or Alison Blaire aka Dazzler (similar power origin as Wanda and Pietro, no x-gene). I decided on a valkyrie, because I couldn't figure out how to put in Dazzler without her becoming a love interest and I didn't want an 'OC' to be the love interest and this won't be a harem story. How a 1600++ year old woman won't fall for a boy she changed the diapers of, now that I can explain. (Since Amora is a part of this universe, that is how I will explain how more than 1 valkyrie [Brunnhilde/Val] survived the banishment of Hela. And ultimately she will be a background character anyway.) I think I came up with a good reason for Amora to seduce Thor, birth a son (though unplanned) and her subsequent death that ties in excellent with how the MC will interact with Asgard and the world as whole (well in my head anyway). The story will come in 'arcs' following the movie timeline of the MCU. Where appropriate, I might sprinkle in some interludes between the movie plots or for movies I won't add a full arc. But all in all, this will be a rather fast-paced novel. Consider this world Earth-199999-c, because that way, the plot of Multiverse of Madness can still happen, even if I change up the Wanda-Vision dynamic (undecided yet). 3.3k+ words/chapter average Disclaimer: All rights to the MCU belong to Disney and Marvel (and Sony since I will mention Spider-Man), I merely added an OC and his influence on this world others have created.

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I like what I'm doing with this and what I have planned 🤓 Tell me about some cool Marvel comic plotlines I could throw my MC in once I am done with the MCU arcs if you like what you are reading. First stop will be an X-men plotline, still not 100% sure which.


Idk man just he doesn't change like anything really beyond these little changes with some characters just kinda disappointed tho otherwise an alright story man


The Mc's always weaker than thor or some one else , it get just plain boring after a few chapters......................................................


Honestly best book I read in this app story telling is on point charcter design amazing dialogues are amazing background good honestly no complains it was a absolute wonderful ride of a story if u ask me I totally recommend it




ITs really rather good, fast paced but not to the point it hurts the story, could do with some more slice of life chapters in between the movies though


Really good story. I like that it is fast paced but not to the point it is overwhelming. After a long time a story I could read without getting bored of the very skewed plot. I see some complaining that MC doesn't change the story much, I get that some would like a change, but hey there are some stories that try too hard to change stuff and get off the tracks. Don't mistake this story for one that sticks to the plot too much, it is really good and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Just try it out and you'll see


The story is fast paced but not really hurting the development,the MC is one of the few MC's from marvel fanfics to make sense, he acts according to his age and how he is brought up, and all of his actions have realistic consequences well as realistic as it can get in Marvel ,overall the story is one of the better stories abt Marvel and author you're doing great ,keep up the good work


why make a god mc who is son of tho if you gonna make him weak a#s mtf who cant change anything about plot?


Holy shet just by reading the synopsis alone you can tell this is going to be a grat story


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I think this is a wonderful fanfic and deserves more views. Piece of advice: change the fanfics picture into something cooler. Good luck with the story.


The author, this is just an amazing story. I'm thrilled. I've been thinking about fan fiction myself with a similar idea. But what about the sequel? Really looking forward.


I love it but when is the next chapter???


Reveal spoiler


It’s alright. The pacing is a little weird because of the large gaps in time. Wish there was more depth.








Like the concept Give it a chance [img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


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