What If They Are Girls!

There is a reason everyone calls her the "Iron Lady."  Call her a fashion designer, interior designer, a genius hacker, or even a talented healer. She is all that in a day and a ruthless assassin at night. Did I say she's a triplet? Oh yes! She has two other sisters who are geniuses in their own right.  Can you imagine Gerald Flynch abandoned them all onto Emily Fynn the day they were born, just because they are girls? Follow Adriana Hastings on a mission to acquire the same hard drive that could bring the Rockerfeller family to its knees.  With Aiden Rockerfeller on her tails, how will she shake him off from discovering her or even from getting too close to her heart? The most tormenting factor about the whole situation is that the Rockerfeller family may be responsible for her mother's murder. *** Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freda.lotsu Discord: https://discord.gg/Qqmmv8cc Instagram: call_me_mirror Discord: call_me_mirror

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Time To Depart!

"Don't return to this place if you are not Mrs Rockerfeller." Adriana stared dumbfoundedly at Sabrina as if she was speaking a foreign language she couldn't understand. 

"How could my mother push me to a man's house in this manner? Am I for sale? Who is her child here? This is so not happening" Adriana thought in shock. 

She looked toward her father and realized the man had not moved his focus from the television screen, not even one bit. 

Sabrina knew Adriana needed a big and hard push, and she was certain she was the only one to provide it. If not, she would live to regret it later on. 

Vicker raised his head abruptly and was about to retort Sabrina's ridiculous pronouncement when she gave him a death glare that scared him into absolute silence. It was such a funny sight to behold, seeing the fearful Vicker Hastings being silenced by a woman's glare.