What If They Are Girls!

There is a reason everyone calls her the "Iron Lady."  Call her a fashion designer, interior designer, a genius hacker, or even a talented healer. She is all that in a day and a ruthless assassin at night. Did I say she's a triplet? Oh yes! She has two other sisters who are geniuses in their own right.  Can you imagine Gerald Flynch abandoned them all onto Emily Fynn the day they were born, just because they are girls? Follow Adriana Hastings on a mission to acquire the same hard drive that could bring the Rockerfeller family to its knees.  With Aiden Rockerfeller on her tails, how will she shake him off from discovering her or even from getting too close to her heart? The most tormenting factor about the whole situation is that the Rockerfeller family may be responsible for her mother's murder. *** Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freda.lotsu Discord: https://discord.gg/Qqmmv8cc Instagram: call_me_mirror Discord: call_me_mirror

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[Bonus chapter] You Rascal!

"Good morning!" 

Adriana greeted enthusiastically as she presented a plate of breakfast to Aiden. She gently placed the tray on a nearby coffee table beside Aiden's sofa and bent down before she shook him gently to wake him up. 

Her heart was in her mouth, as her hands slowly came into contact with Aiden. She didn't know how he would respond or what he would even say about being woken up in that manner. 

The rhythm of her heartbeat could best be described as being chaotic. She could have easily died if she was a hypertension patient. Without knowing what response she'll get from him, she only went with the flow. 

She watched him with hopeful eyes while shaking him gently to wake him up. "Aiden.. Aiden.. Wake up…" only for Aiden to open his eyes subtly and watch her towering above him.