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It all begins with a simple goblin. Within a cave amongst many others, a man, a foreigner is reborn. "Yup, that's me. A lovely heart-throbbing goblin......!" But one that promises a tale of ruin. Merely a single step, yet depravity follows. Tumultuous flames that threaten mankind itself, burning entire continents till it reaches the next world. Just what kind of catastrophe had been unleashed? "Oh, c'mon~ we're all friends here, aren't we...?" However, greed fills his soul, a gluttonous hunger like no one had ever seen. This sickening darkness, relentless in its approach, only hopes to devour all things or trample it underfoot. "But...if it's my destiny, then I'm afraid I have no choice. My fellow brethren, it is time." He calls upon the many demons who kneeled alongside his throne, the ones who prosper and thrive within disaster. Merciless in their pursuit, blood pooled into rivers, seas, and oceans. Ghastly. What existences hadn't yet gone extinct? "Aw~ it's so sad, I just might cry~" To continue treading down this never-ending path...with each and every step, they shall poison the world. ***** Multiverse/World Traveling: RE:MONSTER How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Arifureta Zero/Arifureta I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too A Wise Man’s Grandchild The Legendary Mechanic More included later or upon request.... Authors Notes: To begin, I must warn you beforehand, this is a Depraved story about an Evil Protagonist. Not some cook-cutter villain, but someone who is legitimately Cancerous. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a plague that indiscriminately encompasses all who contracts it. And as such, I warn you again, DO NOT come here with the expectation of this being something easy to stomach. If you are a moral person who cannot distinguish between reality and fiction, it'd be best if you skipped over this one. I will not condone any reviews or comments condemning him on how evil or immoral the mc’s acts are, as I refuse to entertain them after giving this warning and will remove such things immediately. There is no fixed updating schedule for this story, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. Now, if you understand the code of conduct, please click [Accept] *I own nothing other than my Original Characters in this story. Neither the series nor franchises included belong to me*

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Chapter 10: Wet and Miserable

Ezra | Ra | Day 7 | Goblins Den

There comes a time when loss is inevitable. Such events can't be overturned by any means.

Troops storm the castle, bandits rape the citizens, and flames swallow the city. Each and every one of these events cannot be stopped.

God can't save you. Your mom can't hear you. Your pants are down. Pull them up before you're castrated.

It is at this moment when you realize how shitty things truly are. Like a skunk had farted while your mouth was open—You can taste the shit.

Then…it begins to rain. Now you're wet and miserable.

Bloody hell...…

I looked at the two opposing forces before me. They were moving in, slowly taking advantage of my weakened defenses.

If things continue like this my capital will be breached in no time.

"Hang on a sec, alright.....? Just give me a moment...…"

Only a minute, a goddamn minute I say....!

I tried to placate them with an outstretched hand.

It was ignored.

How could this be...

"W-wait, Fuuka, Kanami...…..!"


I don't need the police anymore, I need goblin slayer-san.

Is this the next episode?

Am I about to be raped?

They could no longer see reason. 

The lust in their eyes was undeniable. 

It couldn't be stopped.

My gaze unconsciously drifted towards another goblin who sat a distance away.


Since when has everyone been staring at us? No, this isn't my fetish. I'm not an exhibtionist. Please believe me.

But the look on his face….. He was the only one out of the group of goblins who looked genuinely scarred for life.

Fuck…..this is….this is embarrassing~

Now I'm not only about to be defiled by my own subjects, I'm also going down squirming in shame.

Now I can understand those captured female knights.

The feeling is just wonderful.

"....Excuse Me."

Then, everything went cold.

The air completely stilled.

Like someone had walked into the room holding a severed head, you could cut the tension with a knife.

What the hell just happened?

Nothing else could be heard except for the pouring rain outside. Even the loud clamoring from before had stopped.

I glanced around the cave, trying to find who had spoken in such an eerie and emotionless tone.

Yet, everyone was looking in my direction. No, to be more specific, all eyes were on me.

I didn't do anything, did I?

What's the sudden silence for?

"Did you not hear my words? Or do you perhaps just refuse to listen?"

Damn. They sound like they want to kill someone.

I turned my gaze back to Kanami and Fuuka, but unexpectedly, they stared back at me with widened eyes.

Is that…wow, that look seems familiar.

The look in their eyes, I'd no doubt seen it before.

It was fear.

I brought a hand up to my face.

Who could've scared them like that?

These poor girls. They don't deserve to be treated that way. I'll avenge you if it's that last thing I do...….!


I touched my lips. But strangely, they were slightly curled upwards in an arch.

A faint, gentle smile. Right, this should calm them down. 

It always does.

"Remove your hands."

Oh~ I think I get it now. I'm the one speaking, huh…..

Kanami and Fuuka quickly backed away as if my skin had begun to secrete acid.

That's not very kind of you. I'll have you know that I'm very fragile at heart.

"See? It wasn't so difficult now was it?"

Don't tremble so violently. I couldn't harm a fly even if it buzzed in my face, much less a disobedient child.

I looked around at each of the eight girls but none of them met my gaze.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Hesitant, Kanami, Fuuka and the others shook their little green heads. 

"Mm~ That's right. Don't be afraid. I don't want you to be scared. It's just that if you don't listen to me, I won't know what to do with myself."

You must understand. I do the raping, alright? It's a difficult task.

I don't want anyone to feel as if anything's being forced on them.

I looked down at the two girls and stretched out my hands. They nearly shrunk back, but my hands reached their heads before they could move.

.....I thought I told you not to be scared.

If you're scared, this is gonna become a problem. Don't make problems for me. I don't like problems.

My fingers glided through their soft tufts of hair. I knelt down beside them and gently cupped their faces.

"It's okay…. I won't let anything happen to you. You can trust me. I promise."

Tears welled up in their eyes as they both began bawling while nestling against my chest.

If not me, who else can you rely on….? I'm the guardian. I'm the lord and savior. It only makes sense to trust me.

 "Alright alright, it's gonna be okay~"

"H-hic…I-I'm sorry, Ezra…Hic…I'm sorry…."


"Mhm, I'm here."

I watched them cry for almost five minutes. How adorable.

You can't pay me enough for this shit.

Love isn't real. It is a fictional state of being. A fairytale told by people whose possessive feelings have not yet died.

I'm really trying to move forward. I really am.

O' lord. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

But the thing is—I don't forgive, bitch.

And I sure as hell don't forget.

I looked at all eight of the girls and smiled as warmly as I possibly could.

Ah~ the temperature, it's getting quite hot~.

"Let's go out for a walk. You'll accompany me, won't you?"


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