489 The Wood Spirit Root Is Here (2)

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Outside, this was a valley that was constantly getting deeper. In fact, this was indeed the case. Furthermore, the change in height was even greater. Song Shi had fallen for more than ten thousand feet, but he had yet to reach the bottom.

The changes in space made this place very vast. The vegetation was messy, and it was impossible to determine the location with his thoughts. Song Shi quickly lost his way.

He went deeper without batting an eyelid. The vegetation became even taller, from a thousand feet to ten thousand feet tall.

"Other than the plants that devour life force, aren't there still demons?"

Song Shi found it strange. Why hadn't he met any after coming in for so long?

A river began to appear on the ground, flowing into the distance along the valley. This river water was black and filled with a strange aura.


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