6 Liu Ruxue's Furnace

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"Jin river?"

Big Smart was shocked. "It's not safe by the Jin River these two days. Why don't we go somewhere else?"

"No, we're going to the place where the Mage from Jinyuan Temple met with the accident."

Big Smart's face darkened,"Young Master, you're not joking with me, right? That's a place that ordinary people avoid. What are you doing with your weak body?"

"Something has happened to the family. Let me see what's going on."

Song Shi said righteously, "I don't believe that there are ghosts in this world. You have to believe in science."

Big Smart was speechless. "Who is Science? Why should I believe him?"

Song Shi was impatient. "Are you the young master or am I the young master? If I tell you to go, go. Why are you talking so much nonsense? If you're afraid, get lost!"

"I wouldn't dare!"

Big Smart shut up and brought Song Shi out of the New Moon Brothel.

The coachman was already waiting at the door with his horse. Song Shi boarded the carriage as if nothing had happened and headed south.

In the New Moon Brothel, there was endless laughter and jokes. The liveliest period has just arrived.

Mei Niang swayed her fat butt and looked gorgeous. She was over four years past her prime, but she still looked like a young woman in her thirties. Her eyes were filled with charm.

She pushed the door open and entered. On the red bed in the room, Xue'er had returned to her cold and noble self. However, she was not wearing any clothes. A red and white Will-O-Wisp circulated around her body, making her look mysterious and beautiful.

When the light reached a certain limit, it suddenly shrank and condensed into a white crescent moon on her flat abdomen and rose slowly!

When Mei Niang saw this scene, she looked envious and said respectfully, "What a perfect New Moon. It seems that Miss Xue'er's Moon Invitation Technique has reached a small breakthrough. Foundation Establishment is just around the corner."

Liu Ruxue opened her eyes. She looked dignified and beautiful like a fairy of the moon.

Of course, the same couldn't be said below her neck because she wasn't wearing any clothes.

No fairy could maintain a dignified and noble temperament while undressed.

She raised her slender hand and a thin dress fell from the sky, covering her alluring body.

"You flatter me, Meiniang. Xue'er's cultivation is only at the primary level. There are still three major obstacles above her level: Crescent Moon, Waxing Moon, and Full Moon. I will only be able to achieve the perfect Foundation Establishment after Full Moon. I am still far from it."

"Not far, not far. Miss Xue'er has only been here for a month and she's already at the third level of Qi Refinement. Among the many outer sect disciples this year, she can definitely be ranked in the top ten. The important thing is that she only communicated with one man so the Spiritual energy in her body is very pure."

Mei Niang complimented.

"You also know the reason why I broke through so quickly. But I haven't completely refined his Yang energy, after refining it, I'll definitely be able to enter the Crescent Moon level. At that time, I'll be able to cultivate true spells."

Liu Ruxue was not arrogant and appeared calm.

"This is also Miss Xue'er's good fortune. You have just arrived in the mortal world to train and immediately met a person with spiritual roots right when you tasted the pleasures between a man and a woman. Moreover it is also a Fire Spirit Root that is very suitable for cultivating the Moon Invitation Technique. Now you do not need to ensnare and make use of other men for a short period of time but you will still be able to pass the most difficult entry stage of the Moon Invitation Technique."

Mei Niang sighed: "On this path of cultivation, apart from wealth, companions, techniques, and land, luck is actually more important"

"Indeed, that Seventh Young Master is fated with me." Liu Ruxue sighed.

Mei Niang hesitated for a moment and said, "Miss Xue'er, although I was an outer sect disciple who was eliminated back then, I still have some cultivation insights. You've gone a little overboard with the devouring of that Yang Qi. It's quite harmful to his body. Absorbing it little by little without immediately depleting the supply is the right way to go."

Liu Ruxue looked embarrassed. She raised her hand and combed through her hair,

"I didn't have enough willpower. In that state, I felt like I couldn't stop even from the beginning. I was so greedy that I almost sucked him dry twice. Fortunately, this Young Master's body is strong and he doesn't have kidney deficiency."

"Miss Xue'er, you have to be careful. After all, he's the seventh son of the Song family. The Song family is quite established in Silken City. If his body is too weak from overindulgence and he accidentally dies from an illness, they'll blame us."

Mei Niang reminded her.

Liu Ruxue was surprised, "There are many people who have overindulged and become weak. It should be normal if this person can't control himself and dies. If Mei Niang says that, could it be that there are cultivators in the Song family? Aren't they just a local tycoon family? They can't even be considered a family that has power over the city."

"There are no cultivators, but there's still a Connate expert in that family. Miss Xue'er, you're currently in the mortal world trial, so the palace won't interfere. Therefore Connate experts can threaten cultivators at the middle and late stages of the Qi Refinement realm. If you don't practice a few more spells, it'll be very difficult for you to be a match for them. In addition, the Song family has many people which can be a threat. You have to be careful and not put yourself in danger."

Mei Niang's expression was solemn as she told her what she knew.

"Thank you for your reminder, Mei Niang. Xue'er will pay attention. Next time… next time, I'll definitely… suck less."

Liu Ruxue licked her pink tongue and looked like she was enjoying it.

"Actually, Miss, you have another way to make better use of him. That is to make him your cultivation furnace."

Mei Niang said mysteriously, "There's only one in ten thousand people in this world who has a Spirit Root. Moreover, the Fire Spirit Root is very suitable for Miss to cultivate. If you can nurture it as a furnace, it will be much easier for you to build your foundation or even form your core in the future with the help of a furnace."


Liu Ruxue's eyes lit up as she pondered, "This is also one of the outer sect assessments. If I can nurture him as a furnace, the sect will reward me. Moreover, my cultivation speed can increase again. It's just that it's too early now. Moreover, this person's spiritual root is only inferior and the price of cultivating the cultivation technique of the furnace is quite costly."

"That's up to Miss to decide. However, Mei Niang, I still have to voice my opinions. The furnace is a huge treasure for cultivators like us. It's very important. The earlier we nurture it, the better. At most, we'll just change it in the future.

"This person's low-grade Fire Spirit Root is enough for you to use for a long time. As for the cost, it seems to be a huge price to pay at this time. But as you progress, this price might not be much then."

Mei Niang's expression became complicated, "Back then, if I had been more willing and made certain arrangements earlier, I might have been able to advance further. I wouldn't have been trapped here to become old."

After Liu Ruxue heard this, she pondered for a moment and finally nodded, "I know what to do now. Thank you for your advice, Mei Niang. If I can become an inner sect disciple with a perfect foundation, I won't forget Mei Niang."

"Miss, you're too polite. We're all from the same sect, so it's only right for us to help each other."

Mei Niang was all smiles. Investing in people with potential was also her way of survival over the years. Besides, she was just saying a few words as someone who had been through this journey. It was not a loss for her anyways.

If this new outer sect disciple could achieve attainment, her words would be a huge gain!

It was not easy to become an inner disciple. Even if this girl had a high-grade spiritual root, the success rate still would not be high.

"Mei Niang, please recommend to me a cultivation technique for Male Furnace Cultivation in the palace. If possible, those that are more cost-effective."

Liu Ruxue said politely. Originally, she did not think much of Mei Niang. She felt that a person who had not even passed the outer sect disciple assessment was not capable.

From the looks of it, this person still had some merits after living for a few more decades.

"This Seventh Son of the Song family only has a low-grade Spirit Root. At most, he can only help Miss cultivate to attain the Foundation Establishment realm. There's no need to spend more resources on him afterwards. You should try our best to unearth all his potential and condense Fire Spiritual Energy. For this, the Yang Refinement Technique that's suitable for the Fire Spirit Root is a fitting method. The first three levels can be bought at the exchange price of 100 spirit stones."

Mei Niang said with experience.

"Alright, I will use the Yang Refining Technique. I'll find a reason to meet him. I hope he can help me build my foundation as soon as possible."

Liu Ruxue smiled, but her words were emotionless.

In her eyes, this Furnace was just her first stepping stone in her cultivation journey.

It was Song Shi's good fortune that he could be squeezed dry by her. If he lost all his cultivation and became a mortal in the future, she would just help him to retire then send him off when he dies.

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