18 Could Young Master Have Been Possessed by a Ghost?

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The matter of a dead dog resurrecting and biting caused the entire Song Estate to be in a state of panic. The most troublesome thing however, was that the news had spread outside, causing the entire Silken City to discuss relentlessly.

"The Song family is in trouble this time. They've probably been targeted by something 'unclean'."

"It sounds so scary. Dead dogs actually came back to life and attacked."

"Hmph, the Song family has been so rich all these years. They deserve this disaster."

"The Song family is going to fall from grace!"

Most of the people were gloating and watching the show. Only a few people who were close to the Song family were worried that they would be targeted by 'dirty' things and began to break off their relationship with the Song family.

The members that were of higher status in the Song family were overwrought. They ran around trying to think of ways to resolve the problem.

On the other hand, Song Shi, who did not have any power nor status was happy to be free. He sat in his courtyard and meditated. The Qi and blood in his body circulated steadily, and he was so quiet that it was as if he was not breathing.

In reality, it was because his breaths were long, steady and extremely slow.

Big Smart watched in a daze. This young master had entered the mood a little too quickly.

As soon as he had finished teaching the method, Song Shi had already finished adjusting his aura. He was like an old Daoist sitting cross-legged with an ethereal aura.

This gave people an illusion that the current Song Shi was not a profligate son. But the profile of a person that is successful in cultivation did not match his age and identity.

"How did he do it? Even if I were to do the breathing exercise, it would be impossible for it to be so perfect!"

Big Smart was at a loss. Was he weak or was this young master too powerful?

Back then, when he was meditating, his legs were either stiff or his thoughts were messy. How could Song Shi be so ethereal and quiet?

When he thought of Song Shi saying that he was fancied by an immortal, his body trembled.

Could it be true?

This young master had an immortal root and was favored by an immortal. What immortal technique was he taught?

"How is it? Is my breathing alright?"

Song Shi opened his eyes. They were clear and bright, just like a newborn baby.

"Cough, Young Master must be a cultivation genius. He easily reached the highest standard."

Big Smart smiled awkwardly. He was still thinking that if Song Shi could not sit still, he would persuade him to stop cultivating. It seemed that he had miscalculated!

"If there are no problems, teach me the Internal strength cultivation method. Can you also teach me your martial arts techniques?"

Song Shi thought that by cultivating a new martial art, he would be able to experience Qi Deviation again and farm more Comprehension points.

"Yes, I can."

Big Smart said embarrassedly, "However, it's not easy for me to cultivate. I have to maintain my virginity. Young Master, you have already…"

Song Shi understood what Big Smart meant. It meant that he had already lost his virginity.

He thought nothing of it, "Why do you want to stay a virgin?"

"To maintain a mouthful of Pure Yang Qi. This will be my Connate Qi. It's very precious."

Big Smart replied with a sigh, "In order to maintain this Pure Yang Qi, I've already maintained my virgin body for 36 years. Sigh, I'll cry if I say too much. If I had a choice, I wouldn't have chosen to cultivate this form of martial art that seems to be made for celibate monks either."

Song Shi was deep in thought. If this mouthful of Pure Yang Qi was 1 point, he had dozens of them now. Logically speaking, he could cultivate Connate Qi now.

"If you don't have a virgin body, what will happen when you cultivate your martial arts?"

Song Shi was curious.

"Not only will the speed be slow, but the cultivator will also be prone to lust which will cause Qi Deviation!"

Big Smart sighed. "The next time Young Master goes to the New Moon Brothel, please don't force Old Liu to look for a girl. Old Liu, I can't take it. If I lose my virginity, my decades of persistence will be ruined."

Song Shi was very satisfied with what he heard. This was good as long as it was easy for him to suffer from Qi Deviation. He then said with interest, "I understand, teach me now."

"(⊙o⊙) What?"

Big Smart widened his cross-eyed eyes and was dumbfounded. Why did Song Shi still want to learn after hearing him say everything so clearly already?

"It doesn't matter if it's slow. If I am burning with desire, I'll settle it with Xue'er. As for Qi Deviation? It does not sound that bad."

Song Shi really wanted to say that the outcome he wanted was exactly Qi Deviation.

"Young master, cultivating isn't child's play. You only have one life. If you really can't do it, let's change to another aspect of martial arts."

"No, I want your cultivation method!"

Song Shi urged, "Cut the crap. Teach me the Internal strength cultivation method."


Big Smart turned his head away, "I can't harm you, Young Master."

Song Shi revealed a look of admiration and smiled, "You have some principles, but my situation is special. You don't have to worry that something will happen to me."

"Young Master, don't fool me, Old Liu. You can learn other safe martial arts, but not my Prajna Art."

Big Smart was still very determined.


In the next second, he was sent flying by Song Shi's slap. He flew thirty feet from the pavilion in the center of the yard and smashed into the wall before slowly sliding down.

The slap left a palm print on his chest. His clothes were torn to pieces, revealing the red mark on his chest.

"Big Smart, you're a good guard and a very persistent person. I admire you, but I'm different from before. I have to learn your martial arts today."

Song Shi put his hands behind his back and looked at Big Smart as if nothing had happened. "Are you clear if I'm qualified now?"

"Young Master… how do you have so much strength?"

An invisible aura appeared around Big Smart, and his eyes flickered. He slapped the ground and stood up, looking at Song Shi as if he was a stranger, "Could it be that you've been possessed by a ghost?"

Song Shi ate a lot, acted strangely and suddenly had extraordinary strength. How can he not over think?.

"F*ck you. I told you that I was fancied by an immortal, this strength came from eating a Strength Pill. I asked you to teach me martial arts so I can develop this strength as much as possible!"

Song Shi said angrily, "If you weren't my personal bodyguard and a reliable person, I wouldn't have told you about this."

Big Smart carefully sized up Song Shi. Be it his tone or personality, he did not look like he had been possessed by a ghost. He heaved a sigh of relief, "Oh, Young Master you met an immortal again?"

"How else do you explain the slap I just gave you?"

Song Shi took out a scroll and threw it to Big Smart. "This is Dai Dou's Iron Sand Palm. You should have heard of it, right?"

Big Smart took a look and said in surprise, "Eh, why is his inheritance with you, Young Master?"

"It has something to do with the immortal. Didn't you say you wanted to kill immortal cultivators? Do you want me to introduce you?"

Song Shi teased.

"Ahem, there's no enmity between us. He's still your benefactor, Young Master. Why would I kill him?"

Big Smart coughed. To be able to turn a weak scholar like Young Master into a person with extraordinary strength in a day or two, that immortal was definitely not simple. He was definitely not someone that should be provoked.

He asked curiously, "Could it be that the Young Master has an immortal root?"

"What do you think?"

"That's true. Without an immortal root, it's very difficult for those people to take notice of you in the first place."

Big Smart said enviously, "Congratulations, Young Master. With an immortal root, you have a chance to live forever in the future."

"The Immortal only gave me a chance at being an immortal and left in a hurry. He didn't give me any immortal cultivation techniques. Now that my family is in trouble, I need to practice martial arts, but it's not good to let too many people know. Are you willing to give it to me now?"

Song Shi tried his best to fool Big Smart and make reasoning logical.

"Since you have an immortal opportunity, you will naturally surpass ordinary people's standards. I can teach you the Prajna Art but you have to ensure that when you cultivate, let me, Old Liu, guard you to prevent any mistakes. After all, there are still some differences between cultivation and martial arts."

Big Smart tactfully took a step back. He also wanted to see how much Song Shi had changed.

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