19 Elizabeth's departure, the Content of the Golden Letter

"Knock Knock"

Arthur soon reached the front of his mother's room and knocked softly.

"Mom, can I come in?" he asked softly, then waited for a while.

Usually, his mother was always in her room doing something, but he didn't understand exactly what she was doing.

After waiting for a few minutes, he didn't hear an answer from his mother and felt a little anxious.

"Is there a problem with Mom?" Arthur thought for a moment and decided to force his way into her room, afraid that something bad had happened to her.

However, when he pushed the door slightly, he found that it was unlocked.

"It can't be like this," he thought, poking his head into the room.

He didn't find his mother in the room and tried to go inside.

Usually, his mother wouldn't let him inside without her permission, so he was a little curious about what secrets might be hidden inside.

"Did she keep a picture of me?" Arthur shuddered slightly at the thought, but quickly dismissed it.

It was better not to imagine creepy things.

After he entered, he found nothing of interest and wanted to leave immediately.

However, he suddenly noticed a letter on his mother's desk.

Out of curiosity, he opened the letter and read it.

Two minutes later...

"Hey, Mom, did you finally start to move?" Arthur felt sad and helpless after reading the letter.

The letter contained an apology and a statement of regret from his mother, who planned to leave the Balka Empire and gather strength to revenge.

The letter did not indicate who the target of her revenge was, but Arthur knew it was his father and the Emperor of Balka.

The Emperor of Balka had participated in the order to annihilate his mother's kingdom, and his father had executed it.

He guessed that the reason his mother hadn't acted for the past five years was because of his youth, and that she didn't want to leave him.

She had held back her plans for another five years because of his birth.

How could Arthur not be moved by his mother's love like this, even if it was too much at times?

"Mom, I'll wait for you and help you from behind," he thought to himself.

"I will try to overthrow that damn father and the Emperor of Balka and reward you when you return!"

"So, stay healthy and take care of yourself," Arthur said inwardly, his determination to overthrow the Balka Empire growing stronger.

Elizabeth is a very kind and caring woman toward her loved ones, and he feels that way.

Even if sometimes her love is too obsessive, she is a woman and the person he trusts the most in this world.

Whether in the novel or the present reality, she never changed.

"If only you weren't my mother, I would probably accept you, hey~" Arthur thought lightly and immediately came to his senses.

Damn, what was I thinking?!

How could I have such immoral thoughts!

Arthur was furious with himself for thinking that.

Elizabeth's love for him, which was not based on a mother's love for her son, affected his mind little by little~

Immediately, he discarded all of his wild thoughts, put his mother's letter away, and went to his room.


In his room, he opened the golden letter and read it.

After three minutes

"As expected from the beginning."

"He must have told me to return to the main mansion for core awakening." Arthur put down the letter and leaned back in the chair.

The contents of the letter were exactly what he thought at the beginning.

Because in a few days, there was a ceremony for the Balka Empire to hold a core awakening ceremony for the new generation.

And he, as the five-year-old heir to Duke Asvold's mansion, must, of course, participate.

However, the awakening of the cores should be done privately within the mansion.

Not in public like ordinary people.

"Hehehe, what a plan, damn it." Arthur tapped his fingers on the table as his eyes closed.

His return would not only be for the awakening of the core but also for the official announcement of himself as the heir to Duke Asvold.

However, his status as the heir was only used as an empty one, and he was not even given strong powers.

In the novel's story, "Arthur,", who was the heir to the Duke's mansion at the time, became a real threat to his authority, and he did not hesitate to issue assassination orders in secret.

You can imagine how cruel that man, David Asvold, was!

Moreover, when he wanted to carry out a coup against the Balka Empire, how many victims and humans died in the story?

Although it is not specifically explained, the number is implied.

hundreds of thousands!

Hundreds of thousands of people, consisting of soldiers, servants, and even ordinary people, died because of his greed for power and selfishness.

Even if he had had a rather cruel and calculating mind since his arrival in this world, he certainly wouldn't sacrifice his own people and kill ordinary people for no reason!

Also, many of his crimes were committed behind the scenes, whether it was slave trading, bribery, or various other dirty things.

So, such a person does not deserve pity!

Although it hasn't happened yet, it will in the future, and he must start preparing for it now.

"Wait for how I finish you later." Arthur smiled coldly and his eyes contained killing intent

Immediately, he put the letter away and rested for tomorrow's departure.


In a place a hundred kilometers from the mansion...

A very beautiful woman with her blue hair tied in a ponytail was standing in the sky, and her gaze was looking in a direction with sadness that could not be hidden on her face.

"I'm sorry, dear~"

"I have to settle the score with them soon, and I don't want to involve you."

"Wait for me!"

"By the time I return and settle my revenge, we will be together and live together forever~" She whispered lightly, and a crooked smile appeared on her face.

Soon, her eyes became firm again, and she disappeared in the void as if there had been no one in the sky earlier!



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