1 1. The Fans Demand.

"The Fans Demand."

A sinister whisper woke me up from my sleep. However I didn't think it was real due to the fact that I was half asleep and forgot it a second later.

My name is Ryan, 28 years old, I spent most of my time either playing games or writing out books. I didn't write the books for money or anything. I mostly wrote books because I always got the feeling like I was absorbed into books. Like I was experiencing the adventure while I was reading them. It was euphoric like I could get away from all the boring and mundane things in life. The reason I started writing was because I could make my own characters do things the way I wanted them to. Like bringing the realism of the story to the next level.

Recently I had been a bit down on my luck. Moving houses constantly due to problems, jobs being in short supply, family issues.

I crawled out of my bed in my slightly messy room. I hadn't been able to write things for a couple of months. I hadn't had access to Internet at all as my phone had been shut off. I still had some books I could read downloaded on my phone. I also had some offline games I could play.

I walked to the kitchen and opened up the fridge. There wasn't anything in there. I stuff my hand in my pocket and pull out like 7 dollars and some change. Good thing the store was less than a block away.

"The fans demand."

I swear I hear a voice that sends a chill down my side.

In my room I don't notice my phone light up.

I slip on my shoes and head out the door. As soon as I'm about to cross the street.

*Beep Beep!!!*

A truck with no driver is barreling towards me I quickly jump backwards and fall in the ditch as the truck bounces over me.

"Jesus Christ was that Fucking truck-kun?" I shout as the truck seems to keep going and vanish. after recovering from the shock I cut across the neighbors yard quickly and head into the store wondering what that was all about.

I enter the dollar store and head to the cheap aisle and grab myself a bottle of soda and some cheap chips along with some noodle cups.

I hear the door open and a shady looking man in a coat enters before pulling a gun and aiming it at the woman cashier.

"Gimme all the money and don't make any sudden movements!" He shouts frantically looking around.

I quickly duck behind a store shelf.

I slowly set down all my food wouldn't want to accidently drop anything and then.... I do absolutely nothing.

You think I'm going to confront a robber?!?! Fuck you guys he has a gun.

"The fans demand!!!"

The voice I had thought I had been imagining sounds out again. A can of lima beans on the shelf somehow drops off and clatter loudly on the ground. I fucking hate lima beans.

"Who's there?!?" the robber shouts before emptying bullets into the shelves.

I had dove onto the the floor quickly.

Adrenaline kicks in and I hear the gun click empty.

Am I going to do anything? Hell no. He probably has a knife or something. The door bells jingles in a hurry and I'm pretty sure he left.

I just lay on the ground checking over my body to see if I've been shot or something.

I'm safe!

Slowly I raise myself up from the ground and make my way to the entrance. The cashier is fine. She is sitting on the ground in panic and shaking. Fuck this though I'm out.

I push open the doors and leave the store heading around the side of the building to cut through some neighbors yards.

That's when I hear it. "THE FANS DEMAND!!!!"

There is a roar that I didn't previously hear before coming from the sky, looking up I see a large airplane with burning engines barreling towards my location.

"Holy shit isn't this difficulty to high?" I mutter in horror before doing the opposite of what others would normally do. I run towards the direction of the plane.

The screams of the failing engines sound overhead and my body is hit by wind force. But luckily enough I'm just manage to dodge the landing gear and come out safe as the plane cuts a swathe of destruction even destroying my poor house my grandmother gave me.

My poor heart.


Not even thinking I book it towards the nearest standing building which happens to be a car wash. Behind me different items are raining from the heavens. Beer bottles, plant pots, a meteor, a satellite.

I do my first ever lifetime diving roll into the car wash. The roof starts to groan and collapse and I jump to my feet and keep running towards the next building. However as soon as I make it to the street I see a little girl crossing and about to get hit by a vehicle. She looks at me with hopeful eyes.

I look back and....nope. Go in a different direction. I hear her tch behind me.

Like I'll fall for that fucking trap. I want to live!


My ex appears in front of me with love in her eyes. I give her a swift right hook to the jaw knocking her out cold. "Not today satan!"

A knife flies out of her hands.

Suddenly everything screeches to a halt.

My chest is filled with a burning suffocating pain. I collapse onto my knees with a gasp. The little girl I hadn't saved before approaches me as my vision starts to blacken. "A heart attack brought you down? Jeez I should have just started with that."

I reach my hand out slowly towards her and raise my middle finger before succumbing to the darkness.

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