What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

In the most cliched fashion, a giant truck-kun smashed into my World, killing everyone with it. And in the next most cliched event, I was given a second chance in life by the gods to live another life in a world of swords, magic and dragons! It’s literally a dream come true! Be a hero? Who has the time?! Conquer the world? Like hell I’ll do something so troublesome! Diving into dungeons, exploring ancient ruins and meeting all the weirdos of the world? Sign me right up!! I’m only interested in travelling the world to find the most interesting materials I can use to write the best story I can! I’ll show you my creativity and dazzle this new world with the stories I’ll write! I’ll fight with dragons, swim with krakens, wrestle giants, eat all the cakes and bed the beauties! Time to live this life however I want! Eh? A psycho is running around the world saying that they are the hero who will slay the demon lord? Why is there such a crazy person? There’s someone out there threatening the world with nukes? How did they even find out how to make those? Some crazy hobo is going into other people’s houses to smash pots to look for money? That guy really must be crazy. What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy? ----- [Character Creation:] [Gender:] [Male] [Female] >[Futa] *** Notes: Any R-rated scenes will be denoted by a '*' followed by an 'R' with the number of 'R's showing how much of it is R-rated. '*R' would be around 25%, '*RR' would be about 50% and '*RRR' would most likely be the entire chapter. You can join our discord through this link: https://discord.gg/CRrb56c

Draekai · Fantasy
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Renegade Devourer

I turned back to see a giant sized Shadow Devourer that was at least six stories high roaring at me.

[Name: Jurga, The Renegade Devourer

Race: False Monster


600 Strength

450 Dexterity

800 Endurance

400 Magic

Magic Skills:

Umbramancy (Tier 2)]

What the fuck?!

What the hell happened to him?! How did he even turn into that?!

Unfortunately, it's not like I could ask Fuckface what happened since he was knocked out at the moment.

"Gwen! Protect that bastard! I'll take care of this guy!" I ordered.

I didn't wait for her response since the monster version of Jurga was rushing towards me right now.

I fired off a [Static Bolt] while calling up more of my Shadow Guards to even out the fight.