105 Background Checking

There was actually quite a large amount of money placed on Andrew's head it seems.

The entire trip made me two hundred Creas in total including the reward from Lisa's escort quest too. A very substantial amount of money to be sure, especially considering the fact that this was after I gave Lisa a cut of it too.

She didn't want any of it at first but I insisted since she had helped me tie them up anyway and my puppy eyes finally got her to accept it.

Lisa was also gushing about my spar with Victor, who I assumed had some beef with her in the past judging by their earlier interaction.

The wagon and most of the supplies were sold off though Lisa did keep a few of it for herself, which I helped her transport back to her shop.

"Ehehe~ This was the most fun I've had in a while, Aster! I'm so glad I met you!" She giggled while storing away her mushrooms that she had gathered from the cave.


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