What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

I was a genius in the Earthen Plane. I was a cripple in the Spiritual Plane. I was dead in the Cloud Plane. After experiencing death in the form of dragon sneeze, I find myself back in my room in Earthen Plane where I was a genius. I had been too focused on training myself in the past life. Now that I've been given a second chance, I should just enjoy my life to the fullest extent! Instead of locking myself up in my room to cultivate, take in a few disciples so they can help take care of me! Easy life is best life! The other Planes suck anyway, I'll just lay back here and relax! All I need to do is to teach my dear disciples on the things I've learnt while they take care of me! Huh? What do you mean one of my disciples destroyed the Sinister Demon Sect last night? Do you not see how she's here massaging my shoulders now? There's no way my disciple could have obliterated the all-powerful Xi Family, can't you see she's obediently pouring tea for me over there? You must be delusional to even suggest my disciple could have flattened the impassable Death Mountains, just look at how cute she is taking a nap under the cherry blossom tree. What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? *** Notes: Side Stories in "My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories" If you're here for the R18 tag expecting adult scenes, know that this was a decision I made quite late into writing this so the scenes only come up very late into the story. One or more of the disciples may or may not have a tragic (depending on personal opinions) backstory that may or may not offend/disturb some readers (depending on your personal opinions/mental fortitude/openmindedness/morality/sexual orientation/real world knowledge/political agendas/reaction if someone gave you lemons/view on whether the Earth is flat or round, which I personally think it's neither and is actually a donut nom nom nom) which may or may not affect the rest of the story significantly. Consider yourself sufficiently warned. Story inspired from "My female disciples are scary" by feeling_tired Cover is done by the really awesome Lumi! Buy me tea (because I prefer tea over coffee): https://ko-fi.com/draekai You can join our discord through this link: https://discord.gg/CRrb56c

Draekai · Fantasy
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A Little Consolation

(Cai Hong POV)

Cai Hong does not like weird stuff…

This old fart who is trying to bluff Papa is weird.

Cai Hong punish old fart?

Muuu… Cai Hong cannot punish old fart because of crowd. Maybe Cai Hong will punish him later if big sisters says so.

Cai Hong not happy…

When Cai Hong not happy, Cai Hong thinks about things that makes Cai Hong happy!

Cai Hong likes Papa~

Cai Hong likes Papa's headpats~

Cai Hong likes Papa's smell~

Ehehehe~ Cai Hong is still holding on to Papa's shirt.

Muuu? Papa is on stage again? Is Papa going to beat up all the weird people again?

Cai Hong likes to watch Papa beat up the weirdos!

Oh, it's just the weird old fart.

Muuu? Papa did a new move Cai Hong never saw before!

Papa kicked the weirdo between the legs and the weirdo disappeared instantly!

This must be a new secret move by Papa!

Cai Hong will learn it!