7 Why Did The Plant Grow So Quickly?

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The Snow Maiden certainly would not fear Qi Zixiao if she was really crippled, and would even try to come up with whatever way she could to claim the place of Saintess.

But now, it was obvious that Qi Zixiao was perfectly alright.

Coup? What coup?!

Of course, she would have to be content with her own place as much as she could be.


Meanwhile, at the Violet Chateau, which stood at the very heart of the Violet Manor.

The very building was a dazzling sight. It hovers in the air like an eagle soaring in the skies, and the path leading to it was lined with spirit stones.

In the chateau, an elderly man was chuckling heartily and stroking his beard.

"So, Zixiao did get furious?

"That's the spirit.

"Cultivation is like paddling against the flow of the river—you would be pushed back if you don't advance. While the pursuit of a flawless mind is fine, but… without feelings and the refinement of all seven emotions and six desires, the cultivation would never be complete."

"This isn't a bad start."


Back at the Saintess Chambers over Bright Moon Peak.

Qi Zixiao's rage was not subsiding even after a long time.

A flawless mental state? How could she be flawless at such a time?!

Although she should have been pleased that her soul suddenly returned, how could she remain composed when she realized her current situation and about all sorts of possibilities?

After a long, long time…

She finally withdrew her killing intent, sat on her bed as a variety of expressions flashed past her face.

Qi Zixiao was naturally very smart as a saintess of unparalleled talent—even though she had not seen any novels about transmigration, she had her own guess about what had happened to her body.

Over the three days, her soul had jumped into a male stranger's body in a completely unfamiliar world.

And she lived there as that man for three days over there.

So, what about her own body?!

From the looks of things, her body had clearly been 'controlled' by someone else for three days as well.

So, who could that person be?

Even though Qi Zixiao did not have a definite answer, there was every chance that it was that man's soul!!!

In other words, that man was not only controlling her body, he was even bathing in it?!!!


Even if she was under the impression that her mind had reached serenity, her embarrassment and rage were irrepressible and she wanted to kill.

No one must know about this!

Qi Xiao decided right then that this little fact must not come to light.

And to prevent that little fact from being exposed, she must not let anyone else learn that she had body-swapped, and could only force herself to maintain calm.

Qi Zixiao felt the blues at that very thought.

"How infuriating!"

State of mind?

Who cares?!

Right now, her mind was led by all seven emotions and six desires, leaving her gritting her teeth.

At the same time, she thought about many, many things…

For one, what else did that man do when he controlled her body? Did he perhaps let slip anything?

And why did such a thing happen? Why did their souls switch back after three days?

Was there even an explanation for that?

Should she consult her master about this?

…forget it. Never mind that!

The most important problem was this phenomenon. Was it temporary, or would it persist?

Would her soul switch places with the man again?

Too many questions now bothered Qi Zixiao, leaving her unhinged all at once.

First and foremost, she had to know what 'she' had done over the last three days…

But it would be very difficult to find out!

Surely, she could not ask others what she had been doing. Would that not expose herself?

On the other hand, not knowing left her ill-at-ease.

Consult her master? What, was she supposed to tell the old man that a man had been controlling her body and was even bathing in it?

Most importantly, would this thing continue to happen, or occur just this one time?

According to Qi Zixiao's worst-case scenario, it could continue without end.

"If that would be the case, three days would perhaps be a limit. We'll see after three days from now."

Qi Zixiao slowly made her own assessment.

"It would be happy for everyone if this wouldn't last, but if we change places again…"


The very thought of that world's turbid air and its unfamiliar environments, along with her need to cultivate at full strength and prepare herself to compete for First Rank…

Qi Zixiao suddenly felt feeble just then.

But that was actually secondary in importance.

The chief problem here was: if they changed places again, who knows what indescribable things that man would be up to?

The very thought that the man could do something more out of bounds than bathing left goosebumps all over her body.

As a cultivating immortal, and a grand one who had reached Divine Separation at that, it was utterly ridiculous that she would get goosebumps.

But she was having goosebumps regardless.

Qi Zixiao: "…"

"I have to think of something, or else…"

She frowned.

Still, she could figure out certain problems right now.

Her so-called calm and serenity were actually flawed. She did not know what the issues were, but it did exist.

And she could not be calm towards the matter.

So, she must come up with a solution.

That was when she thought of leaving a message.

To put it simply, she would record a projection of herself, and if they really switched bodies again, the projection would warn the man about what would happen if he did anything out of bounds.

It was just like setting ground rules.

But although Qi Xiao quickly thought of many rules, another problem came to mind.

After the switch, she would not be able to control her own body and all or do anything against that. So, what if that man did not follow the rules she set?

She must come up with something else…

"How about…"

Qi Zixiao racked her brains and eventually found a possible solution, and hence moved, marking a tiny formation over a spirit stone and leaving an astral shadow over it.

So-called astral-shadows were, in fact, how immortals made a 'video'.

They would mark a formation on their spirit stones and charge the Spirit Qi within, and use the formation to maintain the images of the past. Afterward, the images recorded could be replayed as long as there was still Spirit Qi in the spirit stone.

It was no different from a 3D projection.

"No, no…"

After making one shadow, Qi Zixiao realized that she had missed out on many things. She therefore crushed the spirit stone and started again.

"This won't do."

"There's still something else…"

As the number of stones crushed increased with her repeated attempts, Qi Zixiao only became satisfied and stopped after over a dozen tries.

Then, she was ready to call her disciple and try to interrogate her indirectly.

She at least had to make sure whether the other guy exposed himself in the three days where he controlled her body, or did anything out of line!

Still, she had not taken two steps when she paused to look at the potted plant nearby.

"Why is it so much taller in just three days?!"

It was a perfectly ordinary plant that she had kept because it looked nice, although it did not grow much even if it had already been two years.

But it had grown more than twice its height over the last three days!


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