45 A Chance?

-Blake Pov-

The 3 of us were watching Jaune making Muzan orgasm in front of us, not going to lie, it was hot and might turn me on but the time and place were wrong.

Muzan was having the time or his/her? Life? Whatever the fuck this demon gender is it now, but I couldn't care less from what I know about 'her', she's a sociopath someone who literally doesn't give two shits about nobody, only her goal of immortality.

But from what I'm seeing this demon went damn straight to heaven or the legendary la la land.

Damn, if I could take a picture of this and post this back in my world I'd definitely be popular…

Oh wait, I can I took the phone out of my inventory as it's idiotic to put it in your pocket which literary could be broken anytime.

'Sneakily', which is not really sneaky, took a picture with a 4k HD quality at Muzan and Jaune, but mostly Muzan I deliberately hid Jaune's face so that he could remain anonymous if I were to post it on the internet.


Everyone stared at me, especially Jaune who stared at me in horror, his face was like someone murdered his entire family in front of him.

But unfortunately, for him, It won't stop ME!





I noticed that Archer was sighing, while Lucifer was giggling, I swear I heard her say 'naughty boy'

But I wasn't sure which 'naughty boy' she was referring to, because Jaune definitely IS the naughtiest boy in the room, fucking a man turned into a sexy ass woman.

"Dude?! What the?! Are you seriously taking a picture of me right now?!" Jaune shouted at me in disbelief.

I cleared my throat before replying, "Correction, not you 'her' taking pictures of her face, you check it later, besides it's a day to be remembered, you finally gave your virginity to an m-demon yeah!"

I wanted to say a man, but it's clearly not a good option, first of all, he's a man, but turned into a woman biologically so, a man turned into a woman, is still a woman's past doesn't matter, I'm going to pretend that I forgot 'her' original gender.

Let's say it was lost in age, it's now an ancient secret that only my group knows, maybe everyone on earth too, only Jaune doesn't know that, as he didn't listen to my explanation about Muzan specifically.

He mustn't know at all cost or else, he'd be scarred for life, he'd be living doubting his sexuality.

As my brother from a different mother, can't allow that to happen.

"Also, when are you going to take out your dick inside her…?" I noticed that his dick was buried deep inside Muzan's womb, wait damn is that red mark on her ass?

My dude must've clapped her ass like crazy.

Then I made a mental note that I must do it later with Echidna if she allows it.

Realizing that, Jaune blushed a bit and slowly removed his dick from Muzan's cunt.

"Aughh~?!!~" Muzan let out a one last sexy ass moan, that would definitely turn me on before, but hardly had any effects on me right now as I've set an Only Thinking Of Echidna's Nudes or OTEN for short.

Now, Jaune's version of 'Excalibur 'was shown to the world with all of its glory, seeing that Lucifer let out a grin.

Archer closed his eyes thinking of his past regrets including this one because there is no way he'll forget this.

While I wasn't affected, that's because back when we were training with Akane, we bathed at the same time in the natural hot spring that we found during our training.

We already saw each other 'swords' multiple times and I'm confident that I'm bigger than him, in this war, I win if he is equivalent to a T-Rex, mine a Megalodon.

So yes, I'm superior to him in manhood.

Jaune finally dressed up, we finally won't see his buck-naked self, now it's for some questions because I'm really confused right now,

"Now, tell us what happened, don't leave a single detail, not a single one got it?" I entered a state called commander mode, it's a state where you put a serious face and a deeper voice to cause an effect.

Definitely works.

Then Jaune explained what happened after he got kidnapped by Kokushibo, he did his best detailing his experience for the past several hours and after we did.

Not only I, but Archer facepalm our faces at the same time, while Lucifer's giggles turned into full-blown laughter.

"Hahahahaha! Oh my goodness, this is one of the most hilarious mortal moments that I've heard in my immortal life!"

To make the literal Queen Of Hell, or CEO was quite an achievement itself, oh and by the way, no one could hear us, not to the demons who are guarding the manor.

Archer put on a bounded field that cut off the noises that were making, so only we could hear whatever we were talking about.

"Jaune, I know you were an idiot but this is another level of idiocy!" I exclaimed in a tired voice, I know he was dense but what the hell is this level of denseness called?

Muzan specifically wanted to have his D, and he thought that he was going to eat him.

Heck, she even said it in a sultry tone!

"I know! I just realized how dumb I am! Just don't remind me okay?!" Jaune's face was red, meaning he was embarrassed and fully aware of what kind of idiotic thing he did.

There is a saying that, an idiot who recognizes that he's an idiot is already better than an idiot who isn't aware that he's an idiot.

For a moment, maybe this might be a good thing for Jaune, clearly, he is now aware of idiocy, and he's already better than he was before.

Is this what it feels like to see someone growing up? Because Jaune is definitely less childish than he was before.

Or maybe it's just the product of losing his virginity to a thousand years old demon and finally becoming an adult.

"Anyway, originally we've come to rescue you but clearly, you didn't need any." I stared at Muzan who was still in la la land.

She still hasn't recovered yet, her blissful expression was still there, didn't she have an instant regeneration? So why the hell didn't recover yet?

Wait, maybe it has to do with mental ones.

"What! No, I need help! Please get me out of here!" Jaune pleaded at us, specifically me.

"You sure? Getting out means you won't be able to see her again," I pointed at Muzan who was still out of it.

But honestly, why is she still in that state? It's so unnatural.

Are Jaune's techniques that good?

Jaune then stared at Muzan with a complicated expression, I honestly understand how he feels at least on the surface.

"Yes, please." Ultimately he decided to go with us.

"Well, then everyone, let's get out of here," I said to everyone.

But before I took a step, Archer stopped me, "Wait, are you seriously just going to leave this thing be? You know that it's a threat to humanity, and you're going to leave it alive?"

Archer had a serious expression when he said those words, broken as he is, he's still a Counter Guardian that exterminates threats to humanity.

To be honest, I agree with Archer with all my heart. Its simply logical ending Muzan means ending the threat to humanity and more people would be spared from these demons in the future.

So, what I'm deciding is simply illogical, not to mention only idiots make decisions like this, and in this case, I'm one of those idiots.

"Yes, I know."

"So, why leave it be?"

"Because I wanted to give her a chance." Was it really the case? I wasn't sure why I wanted to spare Muzan, because of Jaune? A part of it maybe, or is it because I pity her?

Anyway, I don't know why but I just feel like I have to, if she wastes that chance then it's not my problem anymore.

"Giving a monster like this a chance? That's the most idiotic thing that came out from your mouth, I thought you were smart," His tone was thick with sarcasm.

Obviously, I know, but I humored him, "That's just you who thinks I'm smart, so are you in?"

Archer stayed silent for a moment before replying, "Fine."

I didn't thank him, if I did it's like I'm begging for him to spare Muzan, which is not going to happen.

"Alright then let's leave her a warning, if she's still the same as before, then you can kill her." I'm talking to these two Archer and Lucifer as they are perfectly capable of killing Muzan with ease.

After that they left the castle quietly, as we got a mile away from the castle, I sigh in relief then Lucifer suddenly pats my shoulder and spoke, "By the way it was me who put Muzan in that state, I did her a favor by repeating the pleasure that she experienced when she orgasm, that's why she was so out of it."

Lucifer's admittance made my eyes go wide, it was youuuu!

Now it made all sense damn, to think the devil herself made the demon go straight to heaven repeatedly.

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