What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL] Book

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What?! The gamemaster and the top player are dating?! [BL]


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Getting thrown into a volcanic mountain? Stalked by bloodthirsty creatures? Hunted by people who love pitchforks and fire? Finding yourself participating in a ghost festival? This was normal. Well, at least, according to Huang Zhihao a.k.a. Mastermo, the world’s most famous and beloved pro-gamer. A hardworking youth whose first love was gaming. At an age, where he should be dating and attending business parties with his father, you’ll find him holed up in his room, enjoying his favorite game: T.I.A.D. He had always aimed to be at the top of the pro-gamers list and now that he had achieved that goal, he had a new ambition: To beat the Gamemaster of T.I.A.D. An online RPG released with the help of VR technology, a game that became an overnight sensation because of its marketing strategy. A simple strategy where they gave out a cash prize of a million dollars to anyone who stands first at winning the game. All you have to do is beat the Gamemaster, an unknown man who is respected by all and has also, unfortunately, become the target of their weapons. Unexpectedly, Huang Zhihao had fallen in love with the anonymous Gamemaster whom he had to kill! Join Zhihao on his journey where he fights monsters, meets new people, unravels many plot twists, and finds love. "It was.....you??" Zhihao asks in shock, as if, he hadn't guessed it already. -Filled with adventure. -A slow burn. -More story-based -Filled with fluff (Try not to die from the sweetness) -no smut lol For the rest, you can read the story and find out. It won't disappoint \(^~^)/

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