What! I turned into wife of a caveman

Just like any normal day,I was going to my job as a average guy in this city,But I died due to some circumstances. I met a ROB,he FULFILLED my wish but I didn't know that he will do this to me I should have been more careful with my words. [Disclaimer:This is a purely fiction and fantasy created by my imagination] [ # Slowpaced] [ #Survival] [ #Gender Bender]

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Chapter 14

Sun is slowly rising higher in the sky, with it festivities in the tribe.

I see some men bring a large fat pig should I say bore fully cooked on the side of large fire and roasting it.

It's very big then what I remember in my last life.The largest recorded wild boar was a Ussuri boar that weighed over 600 pounds and measured 7 feet long.

But this one is easily 16 feet long and weights almost 1500 pounds and three man are caring this easily and even women are lifting and preparing it easily.

Animal of this size and people with this strength.Is this natural strength of this era or something supernatural I don't know.

In my memories there is not much information because she was introvert didn't attend many ceremonies or other tribal activities.

How in the hell one can be so introvert in a time period like this I can't even understand maybe her parents sheltered her too much I don't know because even if I have her memories I can't fully remember those only some highlights and recent events.

That's good because if I remember those memories fully I wouldn't be me anymore.

Maybe that's why system only give me basic information of her life.

Now even if I have these memories I can't feel relaxed because that girl didn't knew much and didn't have much knowledge of her surrounding and I am currently in a new tribe so I have to learn everything myself this new tribe will face many challenges I also have to be prepared to face some difficulties.


[System Reminder]

[The system Tutorial is now complete.]

[Those previous Tasks were given as an early startup guideline to the host to help process this new life now system will not give any tasks]

[Now Host is fully capable of living your life as you wish.]

(What the hell! those were only Two tasks.)

(And even first one was forcefully given nonsense,it was already completed before me knowing it.)😡

(That's only guidance I received.)

But I don't know if I should be happy or sad because at one side this system will not force me to do something I don't want to like in many novels but I will also lose a proper & clear future path and sudden powerups & rewards that comes with quests.

As I was in deep thought whole place was soon filled with the aroma of wood on fire and roasted meat. My stomach growled, as I remembered I didn't get to eat at all after my rebirth.

Looking across from where she was sitting,she looked around.

Women moved around the roasting bore. Dancing, they cut away at the meat with stone knives before placing the meat onto wooden plates. Still dancing, they took the meat to their desired man who sat in large square. Once the chosen person accepted the gift, the dancer then removed one of the many matching feather necklaces that hung around their neck. Taking one of the necklaces, they placed it around the neck of their chosen person. A sign of love and dominance over that person.

But there is one problem,there are not enough women to go around so some friction is happening between men except one, who no one dared to touch;The Chief.

Who was looking at me with confusion & concern.

(Ohh He is waiting for me to bring food.)

So I stand up and slowly walk towards barbeque because I am a little more self conscious after accepting being a girl and mixing it with a girl's image in my mind from last life,also not wearing any underwear is not helping much at all.

I finnally reached the rosted bore and everyone else stopped moving giving me way while slightly bowing.

So I moved around the roasting bore cutting away at the fattest, juiciest slice of meat with stone knives before placing the meat onto wooden plates like a pro.

(Max in life skills helped.)

I can even tell everything about its cooking process just by looking at it,like how the charcoal was lit the day before the feast and were covered with another layer of stones to prevent the meat directly touching the heat source. When the digged oven was ready, the pig, stuffed with wild fennel stems, anise and bay leaves before getting sewn up tightly with hemp twine and packed into a blanket, was placed on the hot stones.

More herbs were packed on top of the meat, before the oven was sealed with stones and a clay-and-mud mixture. Another fire was then lit on top of the closed pit so that heat would not escape overnight. Slow roasting ensured that the meat was tender and infused with the tastes of lemon wood, carob and bay leaf.

This all information came to me like I am one prepared all this and I don't even know where is that Underground stone oven or when they cooked it.

Well that's all great but now I am very hungry.

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