Westeros : Echoes of Warframe

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What is Westeros : Echoes of Warframe

Read ‘Westeros : Echoes of Warframe’ Online for Free, written by the author Tychobrahe_1307, This book is a TV Fanfic, covering GAME OF THRONES Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: In "Echoes of Warframe," Maximus Mormont awakens in the turbulent world of Westeros, discovering he wields the powers of...


In "Echoes of Warframe," Maximus Mormont awakens in the turbulent world of Westeros, discovering he wields the powers of Warframes, Tenno from his past life. Amidst the intrigue of the Game of Thrones, Maximus must unlock and master his Warframe abilities while navigating the perilous political landscape. Struggling with the loss of his former existence and the weight of newfound responsibilities, Maximus grapples with inner doubts and external threats. With allies and adversaries lurking in every shadow, he must harness his Warframe powers to survive. As Maximus delves deeper into Westeros' secrets, he unravels hidden agendas and confronts unexpected challenges. With the fate of the realm hanging in the balance, Maximus must confront his own desires and the true nature of his new world, forging a path that will shape the future of Westeros and beyond. ---------------------- Your feedback is invaluable as I embark on this writing journey. Please note that all elements mentioned are copyrighted by Warframe, and characters from Game of Thrones belong to George R.R. Martin; I am merely integrating them into my narrative. Any constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are welcomed as we craft an engaging tale together.

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Great story until everything just went to hell on bear island. there is enough chaos to be had to not have to force such a scenario. I know its fanfiction but try and use a bit of logic. it really hurt the story and don't know if its worth reading on. Also the God involved really hurts the story as well. trying to inject extra drama never ends well. perfect example. sad cuz the story had a lot of potential. maybe it'll somehow correct itself but I doubt it. I'll revise my review if so.


could be better but what kills it for me is the meddling R.O.B . might be worse for me then those troll systems




Supoooorrrrttttt [img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it]




It has potential. I like Warframe and I liked the story so.




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