Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me
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Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me


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What is Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me

Read Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me novel written by the author ru99 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering beauty, werewolf, ceo, loveatfirstsight, sweetlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Feng Jiao is a werewolf hunter. Heck, she's the princess of werewolf hunting. One stab to the gut and any ugly furry beast would fall to the ground, struggling in pain, begging for mercy at her feet. Gao Longwei is a werewolf, and a CEO at that. From his first meeting with Feng Jiao he could tell that she was his mate. The one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately for him, since Feng Jiao isn't a werewolf, she doesn't feel the same way. Will Gao Longwei manage to seduce Feng Jiao, or will Feng Jiao turn him into a premium werewolf sausage first? Gao Longwei: Please come home with me, I love you. Feng Jiao: Love won't feed me. Goa Longwei: I'll feed you. Feng Jiao: *panic* Fun, light hearted werewolf story set in modern times. Fast paced but fun!

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author here! this is my entry for the werewolf writing contest thingie~ please read and leave comments and reviews uwu i'll see y'all with 2 chapters a day for the first month, and then see if i can keep pulling it off :(


As usual, I came to support my dear ruru. Ruru bae, good luck for your new book. May you have the mind, soul and fingers in good condition and can write until eternity<( ̄︶ ̄)>


OMG! Ru comes with a new book and it's a werewolf book! I haven't read yet, but from the synopsis, there is so much potential here, goodluck for the new book ru!


Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. A novel that actually empowers women? This is amazing! Don't read if you don't want to see a woman that will dominate you


A werewolf novel with a fusion of CEO....hmm interesting! 🤔 On the top of that the ending of synopsis is so O M G, hahaha. I can foresee fluff and le-wd stuff, cough! Defo a recommendation!


OMGGGGG! Another book by the loved Lo-Li writer, I know and can say for sure the quality will be OP and I can trust the author's crazy brain for the plotline which will leave us "oh my, sheet!" mode.


Only two chaps in but I already love the story! The female Lead girl seems so strong and powerful! I can’t wait to read more and how she will meat the alpha❤️😍


It is bright, when, where, and how are answered. I'm not confused and I like reading it for it is smooth (the flow). This is a writing that doesn't need an editor I'm sure. . . . Good Job


This is quite an interesting book. The author did her best to create a story that would make you ask yourself, why, or how things happened, which would make you wonder if Fate played a part in making you read this novel. Kudos to the author and may she continue to spin a tale on which chaos, and more chaos, paint the world in the colors of red, black, and white.


I like this book. Just the right amount of comedy and drama. I can see it becoming really big in the future. Keep it up, Author-san. [img=recommend]


The best book you would ever read! It will make your mind run all over the place and make you wonder. Why? Where and How? And for those answers, you need to keep reading. The FL is strong, childish and a bit stubborn as for the ML we have yet to know about him although he seems to be quite a handsome man as described by the outstanding author. Happy Writing! To the Author! And I Apologise for what happened before and I will make sure to post 5 stars review on new books with no or less criticism.


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