Wendy's Madness

Author: Idris_Ymele
Fantasy Romance
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What is Wendy's Madness

Read ‘Wendy's Madness’ Online for Free, written by the author Idris_Ymele, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Every step she take towards him is another step away from his dreams. A mixed strange yet familiar surge of pain and happiness welled up from his chest, it made him difficult to breath. He gave his respectful bow as their eyes met, hiding a streaming tear against his cheeks. Everyone else followed in unison. His deep ocean blue eyes trembled in agitation, alas, it has been forever. He won`t miss this last chance to be with her in the altar. She felt her knees trembling. Once upon a thousand years ago, she was nothing but a subject needed to complete a divine prophecy. Seeing the look on their faces right now and how they bowed in utmost reverence, her heart melted in joy. Another pair of jet black eyes stared right into hers, there she found her refuge for her raging heart. The man with the purest jet black eyes just like hers, went to the edges of the earth just to prove to her that she is more than what she thought she is, who spent another thousand years loving her, looking out for her, and became her strongest foothold. The man`s purest jet black eyes won`t even come close to his pure love. Once their eyes met, his body almost gave way. Her eyes, lips, nose, her presence, all of her... she is indeed the owner of the Last Imperial Crown. ******************* Hi! I updated the book recently and deleted the previous chapters. Iæm still in the process of writing the new storyline so please be patient and hoping that you would support me more with the new chapter. xoxo

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