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Chapter 33 (R-18)

Upon finishing the dinner Yuuji specially cooked as he promised for Erika, the three relaxed on the couch.

Yuuji leaned back relaxedly with a laptop on his lap, doing his daily trading activities and making various kinds of investments.

The amount of profit he got during the short week since he entered the Multiverse Group Chat and before he went to this world was impressive. But now, it had already paled far beyond comparison to the numbers he was pulling in now.

Instead of four or five digits, he was already doing trades that profited him six to seven digits daily after tax, sometimes even eight when his luck feat kicked in. And they were not in Japanese Yen, but in American dollars and British Pound Sterling. While he was still a bit away from being the richest man in Japan, he was well on his way. In fact, he was probably already the richest youth under the age of twenty in Japan or perhaps even the world.

Meanwhile, snuggling to his left and right were Aika and Erika who were enjoying watching "Overlord". They've already watched through the first season, and they're now currently watching the second season.

Aika had already watched it once, but she was watching it again to gain more information on the story in case she'll need to go to that world for missions. On the other hand, Erika was just watching it casually. Sometimes she would peek at Yuuji's laptop and look at her new boyfriend incredulously after seeing the numbers there, in which Yuuji would coax her and calm her down or distract her attention by flirting with her.

Normally while they're alone, Yuuji and Aika would've been making love on the couch, or everywhere else for that matter, and spending their free time in that manner. But now with Erika, they couldn't do it because she wasn't ready.

Aika had tried persuading her by telling her how amazing having sex with Yuuji was and coaxing her into the bed. But for Erika, this was her first relationship. She was still trying to adapt to the situation now as well as sort out her feelings.

Of course she would love to give him her first time and deepen their relationship in a more intimate manner, but her heart wasn't ready yet. She couldn't even kiss him without feeling like her heart was about to burst. Much less revealing her naked body before him.

Yuuji also didn't want to force her, so in the meantime, he'll slowly peel away her barriers and walls by increasing their intimacy little by little until she's ready. After all, as a young man in his peak puberty in addition to the immense lust and libido he got from [Divine Physique], he had to hold himself back immensely from just ravaging his beloved girlfriend, play with those adorable breasts, and squeeze her tight butt as she moaned into his mouth.

The only reason why he hadn't lost himself to his lust was because Aika had been helping him release it every night before they went to bed and every morning before they went to school. Or else… He would've definitely pushed Erika more that she's comfortable with and caused friction in their relationship.

Even right now when he could smell her sweet, flowery scent from her beautiful bright orange hair, he was barely holding himself back by distracting himself with his trades.

Just then, the doorbell to their house rang and Aika immediately perked up.

"Ah, that must be Tatsuya and Miyuki!"

"Oh, you might be right."

"Hm? Tatsuya and Miyuki? Did you guys plan something?"

Erika asked Yuuji as they followed after Aika, who had gone running to open the door for the two, hand in hand.

"Mm. Tatsuya told me yesterday that he'll be coming over at night. Not sure what he wanted to do though."

"I see."

While she was still embarrassed to be hand in hand with Yuuji in public, she was already used to holding hands while in the house or in front of Tatsuya and Miyuki since they often visit.

Though anything more than that would still be… a bit much.

Aika quickly welcomed the two, followed by Yuuji and Erika who had just arrived since they were walking instead of running.

"I'm sorry to bother you tonight."

"Please excuse us. We've brought you something tonight. Perhaps we can eat it together as dessert."

"Welcome welcome~!!! Ooooh~ Thank you so much, Miyuki~"

"Welcome. Please come in."

"Hey Tatsuya, Miyuki!"

"Ah, Erika. Fufufu, so you're here again."

"U-Uhn… I-I mean…"

Miyuki glanced down and saw Erika and Yuuji's hand intertwined together and give her an understanding smile.

"Fufu, I understand. I'm so glad you two are doing soooo well~"

"G-Geez, just hurry up and come in!!!"

The five entered and the girls immediately went to the kitchen to grab some plates and small spoons for the pudding Tatsuya and Miyuki brought. Meanwhile, Tatsuya and Yuuji were left to wait in the living room.

Tatsuya glanced at the tv screen and a look of surprise briefly appeared on his face before he turned to Yuuji with a small smile.

"Are you studying it for when we were to go to Satoru-san's world?"

"It's Aika, but I've also rewatched it a few times before for that reason."

"I see."

The two sat down. Yuuji on his previous spot and Tatsuya on the other couch to his right.

"The Major sent his regards to you."

Yuuji didn't need a moment to realize who he was referring to since there's only one Major he had contact with from the backstory the Group Chat gave him.

"He called?"

"Mm. He told me to come to the FLT in a few days and also told us about an impending danger. Presumably about the No-Head dragons. He might also make contact with you and Aika soon to warn you of the same thing."

"I see… Got it. Thanks."


"By the way, you said you wanted to show us something, right? What is it?"

"Yes, but I won't tell you now. You can look forward to it."

Tatsuya replied with a slight smile.

"Wait… Could it be-"

Just as Yuuji was about to ask him further, Aika and the two returned with the puddings.

"Alright~ Let's eat them quickly while they're still cold~!"


After they finished their puddings and drank some tea Yuuji prepared to go along with the dessert, Tatsuya turned to Yuuji with a smile.

"Yuuji, can I borrow the training grounds below? There's something I wish to show all of you."

"I see… So you finally decided to finish it, huh?"

"Oh~ Congrats, Tatsuya~!"

"Thank you. There's still some things I want to refine more, but I think it'll be fine to leave it to Ushiyama-san."

"Hah… You could've just left it just as it was and give it to Ushiyama-san sooner, you know?"

"I wanted to do as much as I can first, especially since I have your help."


"Eh? What do you mean, Onii-sama?"

"Yeah, what are you guys talking about?"

Yuuji turned to Miyuki and Erika, who were looking at the three confusedly, and smiled.

"Something really cool."

The four went down to the underground level of Yuuji and Aika's mansion, but instead of the lab, they entered the right door into the gym and training ground.

Upon arriving, Tatsuya took out a small, egg-shaped CAD that had two buttons as Yuuji and Aika watched with smiles on their faces while Miyuki and Erika looked confused.

Tatsuya then pressed the button on top and activated his new magic, and began to float, earning gasps of awe and shock from Miyuki and Erika.

"Congratulations, onii-sama! You've accomplished something incredible once again!!!"

"Wow… that's amazing…"

"Thank you. But it wasn't just me. Yuuji also helped tremendously."

Yuuji shook his head and waved his hands.

"No no, it's all you, Tatsuya. I was just supporting you and giving you second opinions. That is completely your brainchild. Congratulations."

"Thank you, but you have also been a tremendous help. After all, having a reference I can use for this magic has helped me tremendously."

"Reference… Eh? What do you mean?"

Erika looked at Yuuji confusedly, causing him to smile helplessly.

"Well… Actually… I can do this."

Without the help of any CAD, Yuuji started to float as well, hovering around the same height as Tatsuya a meter above the ground.

"Eh?! You can fly too?! Are you using the same magic as Tatsuya's?"

"No, mine is a bit different."

He waved his hand and raised Erika up into the air to meet him face to face and snaked his arm around her waist, causing her face to instantly blush red.

"My magic is more of… the manipulation of space and gravity. So basically, I can make you float by bending the space around us a certain way to make us "fall" towards it."

Yuuji willed them to cruise forward and they began to float forward accordingly.

"Woooow… This is amazing! Wait, space?! You can manipulate space?!"

"Uhn… But, you sure are handling this pretty well. Are you not afraid anymore? I still remember your panicked face when I lift you up, you know?"

Yuuji smirked teasingly, earning him an adorable glare and pout from the orange-haired girl.

"I-I was just surprised back then!!! A-Anyway, is this what you've been doing all this time?"

"Oh no. The magic I used in school is a bit different. Instead of manipulating space itself, I'm just manipulating the air around them to compress greatly and basically lift them up forcefully. It's a lesser version and its uses are limited to just restraining and moving people around forcefully."

"I see… Hah, I thought you were ridiculously strong at first, but now, I can't even imagine it anymore… manipulating space… Isn't that… crazy?"

Erika shook her head and sighed deeply. She wanted to facepalm now, but her hands were clutching onto his shirt tightly since she was still not used to the sensation of being off the ground.

"A-Ahahaha… Well…"

Seeing his helpless smile, she also sighed helplessly and smiled.

"It's fine. You can tell me about yourself at your own pace. I don't mind. We can learn about each other slowly."

"Mm. Thank you, Erika."

Yuuji tightened his embrace around her and gave her lips a little kiss.

"Uwah! W-W-Why did you suddenly kiss me?! Don't kiss me so suddenly, you idiot! C-C-Can't you see Tatsuya and Miyuki there?!"

Erika struggled in his embrace, her face turning super red. If it was only Aika, then she would just be a little embarrassed. But there's Tatsuya and Miyuki too!

She looked down and saw Tatsuya and Miyuki staring at them, smiling, making her even more embarrassed.

"Ahahaha! Alright alright, I'm sorry! Ah, stop hitting me!"

"Hmph! It's your fault, idiot!"

"Hehe, alright. Let's go back down, okay?"


Yuuji slowly brought both of them back down, and as soon as they landed, Erika quickly escaped from his embrace and pretend nothing happened before standing beside Aika to avoid Miyuki and Tatsuya's gaze.

"Here you go, Miyuki. Would you like to try it as well?"

"Yes, onii-sama!"

Miyuki stepped forward with the egg-shaped CAD in hand and activated it. And as if she was born to fly, the beautiful black-haired soared through the air with a brilliant smile on her face like a true fairy as she danced.

And soon after, Aika asked Tatsuya for the other CAD and flew through the sky as well. She approached Miyuki and whispered to her.

A look of surprise appeared on Miyuki's face, but they were soon replaced by a look of excitement and curiosity before she nodded.

"Alright~! Yuuji! Let's play air tag!!!"

"Ah… So that's what they're talking about. Sure."

Yuuji smiled wryly at his girlfriend's childishness but agreed regardless as he also began to float.

And as they began to play tag at high speed in mid air, Erika couldn't help but watch them dumbfoundedly.

"Hah… I can't believe they're using cutting edge magic technology for this…"


On the day of the Nine Schools Competition Launch Ceremony held within the main assembly hall building of the Magical University Affiliated First High School, all students who will participate in the competition were lined up to receive a lapel pin to signify their participation as representatives of the First High School in the Nine Schools Competition.

As the student council president, Saegusa Mayumi, mentioned their names, Shiba Miyuki gave them the lapel pin and congratulated them one by one.

Yuuji stood silently, waiting for his turn and for the ceremony to be over, when Isori Kei who was standing to his left whispered to him.

"It's pretty nerve-wrecking, isn't it?"

"Yes it is… Though my nervousness has mostly dissipated since the start."

"Hehe, it is a bit of a long ceremony. I usually just observe my surroundings during times like this, and I noticed that you sure are popular, Tsubakihara-kun. Look, a lot of girls are looking at you."

Yuuji smiled wryly as he swept his gaze across the audience. As he said, a lot of girls are looking at him longingly with faint blushes coloring their cheeks.

But even with all the attention he was getting, his eyes quickly and easily gravitated towards Erika, who was waving at him. His lips curled into a soft smile.

"Perhaps, but I can also see many guys looking at me with disdain and jealousy. Oh, please simply call me by my name, Isori-senpai."

"Okay. Then please call me by my name as well."

"Thank you very much, Kei-senpai."

Just then, they're brought out of their little conversation when a thunderous round of applause resounded throughout the hall. Yuuji glanced to his side and saw Miyuki giving the lapel pin to Aika.

She's as popular as ever, huh?

"Fufu~ You're so popular, Aika. Congratulations."

"Hehe~ Thank you~"

Miyuki then continued and gave Kanon, Kei, and then Yuuji his pin.

"Congratulations, Yuuji."

"Thank you, Miyuki."

Once again, another thunderous round of applause was given when Miyuki gave him the lapel pin.

But, it all stopped when Miyuki finished giving her brother the lapel pin with a dreamy look on her face.

Almost no one clapped their hands in congratulating Tatsuya, the sole Course 2 student who will be representing the school in this extremely prestigious competition. Only Yuuji, Aika, Kei, Kanon, Mayumi, Juumonji, mari, and their personal friends and very few others in the seats clapped their hands.

Fortunately, the ceremony ended soon after Mayumi congratulated everyone in the team and bid the good luck, and they were then separated into groups to conduct a meeting for their competition.

Just like in the anime, Tatsuya went with Miyuki, Honoka, Shizuku, and a few other girls who he'll be in charge of as their engineer.

Meanwhile, Yuuji was grouped with Aika, Morisaki Shun, one of his friends, and a few other people with a second year student as their engineer.

They all gathered in one of the unused classrooms and began the meeting with the second-year engineer standing at the front.


"Yes, senpai?"

"I've heard from the student council president that you can take over the engineer role for yourself, Kiryuu-san, and one other person, am I right?"


"Very well. Then, since you'll be competing in the Monolith Code with Morisaki-kun, can you take care of his CAD as well?"

To his question, Yuuji simply glanced towards Shun, who immediately clenched his fist with widened eyes. Although they're classmates, they hadn't talked to each other ever since the incident in front of the school gate near the start of the school year.

Since then, not only had they not talked, Shun and his peers have been actively avoiding him for reasons unknown to Yuuji. Perhaps he was still vexed about the "humiliation" he received from being helped by Yuuji from the messed he made himself, or perhaps he still couldn't accept the fact that Tatsuya entered the Disciplinary Committee while he couldn't.

And as he expected, Shun immediately raised his hand and stood up in opposition.

"Excuse me, senpai! I am capable of doing it myself!"

"What? Are you sure?"


The upper classman looked at him for a moment. His lack of confidence was obvious form that delayed answered, but after seeing Shun clenching his teeth and fists while glancing at Yuuji, he could more or less guess what was going on.

"Alright. But if you ever need any help, don't hold back from asking me or Tsubakihara-kun for assistance. This is a competition with our school's prestige in the line. Don't be reckless."

He said after letting out a sigh.

"Yes! I will not disappoint!"

"Then Tsubakihara-kun, I won't appoint you to anyone specifically aside from yourself and Kiryuu-san. But if any of them needs assistance, I want you to help them as much as possible."

"I understand, senpai. I will do my best."

"Good. I'm sure you'll be busy with your battle board and monolith code practice as well as tuning your and Kiryuu-san's CAD, so please don't hold back from asking me for assistance when you need it. Remember, maintaining your health and mental condition is also your responsibility as an athlete. Don't be reckless."

"Yes. Thank you very much."

"Alright. Now then, let's continue our discussion."


The meeting ended quietly after the little outburst from Shun, and they were all dismissed for the day.

They were exempt from classes today to prepare for the competition, but there were still a little bit over an hour before class ended.

They are free to return home or train individually for the competition, but Aika had other plans.

Hugging his arm tightly and burying it in between her massive breasts, the two walked through the empty hallway.

Yuuji was a bit surprised when she suddenly hugged him at first, but as they walked, he could feel his libido rising up as the heat of her body and jiggling from her breasts every time she took a step were transmitted to him.

Glancing to his side, he could see Aika happily leaning on his shoulders with red blush painting her cheeks. She looked super happy to be able to be this close with him at school! It feels like they're playing hooky to have a school date!

Then, he felt her intertwining their fingers together before Aika raised herself into a tiptoe and whispered to his ears sensually.

"Yuuji~ Do you want to do something naughty~? We rarely got a chance to be this alone during school time, you know~?"

Seeing Aika biting her luscious pink lips with eyes full of lust, his heart skipped a beat and heat begin rise in him as well.

"You little minx… Come here."


Lemon - Start

Using his elemental sight to make sure no one is around them, Yuuji dragged Aika into an empty men's toilet and into one of the stalls.

He pushed her onto the door and lifted her chin with his fingers, before claiming her lips for himself.

"Mmnnh~! Yuuji~ Mmnchu~"


Sounds of wet lips smacking and sucking filled the toilet as the two poured their lust into each other. Their chest pressed against each other as Aika pulled on his collar and Yuuji hugged her entire body tightly.

And soon, Yuuji let out a groan of pain, causing Aika to separate and looked at him worriedly.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry… It's just…"

Seeing his awkward expression, Aika tilted his head before a realization came to mind.

"Oh~ Ehehehe~ I see~ It seems like the beast wants to be freed now~"

Her lips curled into a wide, teasing grin as she moved her hand down and caressed the massive bulge that was pushing tightly against his pants.

"It's your fault, you know?"

"Mm~ Then, I'll take responsibility~"

Aika pushed him away lightly and deftly took off his pants, leaving him only in his underwear that was currently holding on for dear life from the massive bulge.

"Sit there and wait, okay~? I'll give you a striptease~"

With a helpless smile, Yuuji sat down on the toilet and watched as Aika slowly took off her blazer and unbuttoned her white shirt, revealing her porcelain white skin free of any blemishes, and the two massive heavenly mounts of dreams barely contained by a cute but sexy pink, laced bra.

She leaned forward towards him, placing her knees in between his legs and her right hand on the wall as she loomed over him, positioning his face right below her chest.

Then with her left hand, she unstrapped her bra, causing her heavenly mounts to plop down right onto his face.

"Hya- Mmmnnh~!!!! Yuuji, you can't touch the stripper!"

Aika playfully berated her boyfriend when he suddenly grope her breasts strongly and buried his face into her cleavage, inhaling a lungful of her naughty scent, before releasing it.

"My lovely girlfriend is dangling her naughty breasts right in front of my face. You know there's no way I'm just going to sit there silently."

"Hehe~ I know~ That's why I did it~"

She giggled and took off her bra completely and placed them away to hang on the door.

Then, dressed only in her skirt left, she crouched down and immediately buried her face onto his crotch and took a deep breath"

"Mmmmnnh~ You smell so good~ So musky and manly~ I love it~"

She rubbed her soft cheeks against his rock hard bulge, teasing him as she maintained eye contact. Then, she sniffed his crotch a few more times, inhaling a few lungfuls of breath, and peppered it with kisses.


"Fufu~ Seems like you can't hold it in anymore~"

She continued with a giggle.

"Then as a nice, loving girlfriend, I'll relieve you, okay~?"

She placed her hands on either side of his waist and bit the top of his underwear and began pulling down while Yuuji lifted his waist slightly to help her.

"One, two… *Slap!* Ah! Kyaaaaa~! I just got slapped by your cock~"

Like an inflatable balloon doll that had been held down, Yuuji's cock sprang out and hit Aika on her forehead as she looked at it with a wide smile and narrowed eyes.

The cock that had been giving her plenty of love and sending her to cloud nine countless times was now towering over her face as she buried her face into its base.

The thick, musky and masculine, but pleasant and sexy scent of her boyfriend grew tenfold as her nose was pressed against the base of his cock and her lips kissed his large, full balls.

She grabbed the shaft with one hand and the head with the other and began massaging in up and down as she began peppering kisses on the balls and the shaft.

And after giving the entire length of his shaft a loving kiss, she held his shaft with both hands and gave the tip of his cock a long, loving kiss.

"You sure do love kissing it, huh?"

"Of course~ Hehe~ It's my beloved's cock, after all~"

She gave it a few more kisses before she began to accumulate some saliva in her mouth and then dribbled it down to its head and shaft.

She began massaging the shaft with one hand and his balls with the others, spreading her saliva all over it to serve as lubricant before looking back up to her darling.

"Now then, are you ready, Yuuji~?"

"Nnnghh… You know I can't wait anymore, do you?"

"Hehe~ Then, thank you for the food~ Aaauummm~! Ghhhkhhh!"

Without delaying any longer, Aika slowly lowered her head down and led his long, girthy cock down into her mouth and into her throat.

She had found out recently that she could suppress her gag reflexes easily thanks to her SSR, and with a few practices, she could now swallow her beloved's monstrous dick until her lips touched his base.

"Nnghhhhaaaa…. It feels so good, Aika…"


She let out a happy moaning sound as Yuuji petted her head, and began moving her head up and down, massaging the length of his cock with her mouth and throat.

Sloshing and smacking sounds mixed with moans filled the toilet as Aika continued to deepthroat his cock deep in her throat and massage his balls with both hands.

Then after a while, with a final groan, Yuuji held her head and raised his hips, plunging his cock as deeply as he could into her throat, and released a torrent of white seed right into her.

"Mmbbbhhkkffffuuuuuu~!!! Gkkkhhhfff! Ghkk!"

With her gag reflexes suppressed completely, Aika gulped down all of his thick, hot, creamy cum right into her stomach as she reached her own orgasm at the same time.

Her pussy squirted a lot of her love juice, further flooding her already soaked panties and creating a pool of love juice that had been accumulating as she pleased her darling on the toilet floor. A messy, perverted, lascivious smile spread across her face and her eyes were rolled back in ecstasy.

"Hah… Hah… Hah… That was… amazing… Thank you, Aika."

Yuuji landed back down to his seat and let go of his hold on Aika's head, allowing her to slowly lift it back up, sucking her dick as she did as to not let a single drop of his cum fall outside of her mouth.

Then after a loud pop, Aika gulped down the last of his cum and grinned as she nuzzled her face to his half-mast.

"Hehe~ You taste soooooo good, Yuuji~ Just like a warm, creamy milk~"

"...Well, I'm glad you like it. But now…"

Yuuji stood up and lifted Aika up, causing her to shriek in surprise, before placing her on the toilet and crouching down, reversing their position.

"Hya- Nnngghhh~! Yuuji~"

Yuuji buried his face into her crotch, licking and sucking the juices that had flowed down to her thighs and soaked into her panties as he breathed in a lungful of Aika's super lewd scent.

"It's my turn, and I'm feeling very thirsty."

Aika felt her heart skip a beat and stared at his handsome smile in a daze. She could feel her womb tightening at the sight of her super handsome boyfriend smiling at her with her juices dripping down his lips.

"Ehehe~ Okay~ Here's your personal drink bar~"

Aika took off her skirt and soaked paniest, revealing her flooding pink pussy and erect clitoris, and spread her legs widely, holding it in the air with her hands.

"You're so wet already. Did you cum when you were sucking me?"

"Mmh~ I did~ I can't help it~ Your cock is just too much for me~"

"I see. Good girl. Seems like I'll be able to satiate my thirst now."

Without even waiting for another moment, Yuuji immediately buried his face into her crotch and lapped up all her love juices with his tongue.

"Mmnnhh~!!!! Yuuji~"

Licking every inch of her soaking wet pussy, Yuuji continued to drink it and poking the insides of her tight, pussy walls while teasing her clit with his fingers at the same time, causing even more love juice to enter his mouth.

"Aaaaahhh~ You keep attacking my weak spots~ You meanie~ I'll cum too fast at this rate~!!!"

Yuuji ignored her cries and kept attacking her weak spot with his tongue and tease her erect clit with his fingers. He was quickly rewarded with her love juice every time he touched her clit and g-spot, and he immediately gulped them down thirstily before continuing to satiate his thirst.

The sexy, muffled moans Aika made while biting onto her finger to be as quiet as she could only served to make him tease her weak spots even more.

Finally, he was rewarded grandly when Aika suddenly squirted her love juice as she cummed hard. She arched her back as her entire body convulsed and shuddered violently from the orgasm she's experiencing.

Her pussy continued to squirt her love juices uncontrollably and Yuuji kept his mouth on her pussy, catching every drop she squirted and drinking it thirstily.

"Hahh… Hah… Hah… That was… Amazing… Aren't you too talented at this…?"

Yuuji lapped up all the remaining juices from her pussy clean, making her shudder every time his tongue touched her still sensitive crotch and swollen clitoris.

"It's your fault. Your pussy is too delicious."

Aika shuddered once again when she saw him lick his lips and smile teasingly at her. Her love juices started flowing once again as she felt her womb and vagina aching for his hard, hot rod.

She slowly raised her hands and reached up to him, pulling him closer to her by his clothes.

"You dummy… If you say something like that, I'll get horny again… Hey… Can we do it here…? I really can't hold it back anymore."

"Hmmm, I don't mind. But you'll need to beg for it."

"G-Geez… You tease…"

Aika spread her legs once again and spread her tight pussy lips with her fingers as she looked at Yuuji with upturned eyes.

"P-Please ravage your personal girlfriend's pussy with your amazing dick… I need it desperately… I need your seed in me…"

She breathed heavily. Saying that kind of thing only made her even hornier as she stared at Yuuji's smile. The feeling of being shamed and humiliated… it's tickling her masochistic side tremendously!

He slowly lowered his head to her, caressed her cheek with his hand, and approached her ears.

"Good girl. I love perverted good girls like you the most, Aika."

"Ehehehe… Thank yo- Nnnhhhaaaa~~!!!"

Before she could continue, Yuuji pushed the entire length of his massive rod into her soaking, hot, sacred flower and began pounding her with long, slow strokes.

"Aaaaahh~ You're doing it so gently~ It feels so good~! I can feel your entire thing spreading my pussy so clearly~!"

"Mmnnhh… You're so tight and hot… Was my cunnilingus that good, you perverted girl?"

"Yes~ It made me cum so hard~ And now, I'm being spoiled by your dick~ I feel so happy~"

"It feels so good for me too. We're too compatible with each other."

"Hehehe~ I'm so happy~ Aaaahh~ There~ Poke me there more~"

"As you wish."

Yuuji lowered his hips slightly and aimed at her g-spot from below, perfectly hitting it with his head before filling and stretching the rest of the length of her pussy.

"Nnnhhaaaaa~! Yes~!!! More~ Do me more~ Shape my pussy to your likings~ It's yours~"

"Mmnhh… Aika… You feel so good…"

"Aaahhh~ Aaahh~ You too~ I'm already addicted to your dick~ I won't be able to live without it anymore~"

"Don't worry. I'll fill you up whenever you want from now on."

"Aah~ Ehehehe~ I'm so happy~ I love you, Yuuji~ I love you so much~"

"Mmnn. I love you too, Aika. Ugghh… You're tightening so much…"

"It's because you say you love me~ Nnnhhaa~ Say it more, Yuuji~ Say it more~"

"I love you, Aika… I love you so much… Your smile makes me so happy. Your playfulness always brightens up my day… And your body always makes me so hard… I'm so crazy about you…"


Aika's body convulsed violently within Yuuji's embrace as he pierced deep into her. She bit into his neck strongly with enough force to tear into an ordinary person's skin to muffle her moans.

She came so hard when Yuuji whispered his words of love directly into her ear with that hot, sexy voice.

Yuuji stayed there and stopped his movement for a moment, waiting for her to calm down from her orgasm.

"You really cummed… Hehe, how cute. Should I continue? I can talk about how much I love you for hours."

"Hah… Hah… No… I-I won't… be able to return… home… if you do that…"

"Mm. Then let's do it more tonight, okay? For now, can you help me cum? I'm really close."

"Aaahh~! W-Wait! I-I'm still a bit sensiti- Nnnhhaa~!"

"Hehe, it's my turn now, so I'll do as I please~"

"Aaahh~ Y-Yuuji~ Please~ Mmmnhh~ I-I'll cum again~"

"Uhn… Let's cum together, Aika."

"Yes~ Yes~! Let's cum together~ Aaah~ Aaahhh~ Aaaahhnnn~!!!"

Yuuji sealed her lips with his and they began savoring each others' taste, their tongue wrestling for dominance, as Yuuji continued to do long, gentle strokes, allowing both of them to fully enjoy each sensation.

"Aika… I'm cumming…"

"Uhn~ I'm cumming too~ Give it to me… Give it deep inside~ Yuuji~"

Yuuji pulled away until he was almost completely out before plunging back in as deeply as he could and exploded right into her depth.

"Mmnnh~ I-I'm cumming!"

"Nnhhhaaa~ So deep~ You're filling my womb directly with your seed~"

Aika locked her legs around his hips as she wrapped her arms around his neck, not letting him go even for a moment as he continued filling up her womb with copious amounts of his baby batter.

It was truly a lot… She could even feel her stomach slightly bloating up just from one shot… She couldn't help but recall how much cum continued to flow out of her during her overnight marathon sex with him.

"Haaaahh~ This is the best~ Having your hot seed inside of me feels so good~ I can't wait to go to class like this~"

"Hahh… Hah… That was amazing… Just be careful of leaks…"

"Hehe~ Should I buy a dildo in your shape from the shop and stick it inside so it won't leak~?"

"... There's something like that?"

"We can buy anything there, you know~? I think I saw something like "Customizable dildo" before~ I just need to see your dick when I activate it~"

"...Do you want to buy it…?"

"Hm~ Why would I~? I have the real thing here that I can use anytime~"

"How about when we return…?"

"Did you forget? After finishing the mission here, we'll be able to travel here for free. We can just meet up in our house whenever we miss each other, right~?"

"Ah, that's right… That's good…"

Yuuji sighed in relief. He was really worried for a moment there. He thought he won't be able to see her again until they receive a quest to her world.

"Hehe~ You're such a cute dunce~ Did you forget about that~?"

"...I just forgot."

"Yes yes~ My cute dunce~"

"...So? What are we going to do about this…?"

Yuuji looked down to their still connected private parts. He was already soft compared to before, but it was still big and long enough to plug her pussy and prevent his seed from exploding out.

"Just use that magic again~ You've done it once before, right~?"

"Ah… That's right… Okay."

Yuuji waved his hand slightly and felt a slight suction in her pussy now that wasn't natural caused by his spell.

"There you go. I'll cancel it when we return home, okay?"

"Eeehhh~ You don't need to~ I love having this warm sensation in me~!"

"Don't worry."

Yuuji moved his head closer to her ears and whispered.

"I'll make sure to fill it up again tonight."


Her vagina tightened around his flaccid rod and started to pulse and throb once again.

"Hehe, you're tightening up, again. But too bad. We need to return to class now."

"G-Geez… You're such a tease."

"I love you too. *Chu*"

"Mmn… *Chu*"

They shared a passionate kiss for a while before Yuuji pulled out his rod from her. And as if defying gravity, everything Yuuji poured in her stayed inside and didn't flow out of her pussy and womb.

"Let's clean up and go home. Erika must already be waiting for us."


Lemon - End

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