Rule two(Instagram only)

Are you looking for a larger audience?

Look no further as we're here for you!


All you have to do is follow these simple rules


¶ Add this to your collection for constant updates

¶ Click on the heart icon for the author of this book

¶Comment the Title, gender role, prominent features/key structure in the plot and genre of your story

¶ Do check out our Instagram handle for more info related to the rules based on that platform

¶ drop a ✓ sign in-line the rules you've completed above ^(failure to do so equals being put in the waiting list) as it makes it easier to keep records on the participants.

* (Optional) While you're at it, you could leave a review, I'll be sure to return the favor


What do you gain?


¶ You'd be slotted in a specific chapter based on your description for easier reference for readers to locate your book

¶You get featured on the Webnovel story here and our social handle

¶ A pictorial depiction of your story would be used along with tags for easier audience reach out

¶Your Instagram account would be added in our highlights

¶ I'd be glad to click on the heart icon once confirmed

¶ I usually have free powerstones at my disposal and frankly don't know what to use them for so I might as well do a switcheroo O_o .

¶ Your story added to a new reading list!

¶ You'd gain more reads ofcourse!

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