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Weapon seller in the world of magic


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Hello, this is Snowstar. I wanted to highlight a few points that the readers need to consider before starting the novel. 1) MC usually has a fake bright personality on the surface but is cold on the inside. So, readers can expect a ruthless MC from time to time. 2) MC isn't OP from the start. He goes from weak to strong. 3) MC is a grey character. Due to his inner cold personality, he might lean to the evil side from time to time. Most importantly, he isn't forgiving to those who cross his bottom line. 4) Romance isn't the focus of the novel. 5) There will be side stories for the central characters more often. 6) The update stability will be 7ch/wk. Depending on its popularity, it might increase or decrease in the future. Any questions, feel free to ask here or in the comments section of the chapters. I'll try my best to answer them

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More please more more more more more more ,,,,,,, Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·#Γ·#=Γ·Γ·=Γ·=Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ·Γ· more chapters ok thx


I don't know why there are so many 5* reviews because this is definitely not that high-level novel. MC is not stupid. but he is an extremely shortsighted person (Ex:- easily tempted by money which can be earned easily through the business in the future). And it is not because of character building, I have read more than 120 chapters but there is no real progress in the MC overall. And MC is very inconsistent. The author is trying to portray him as this cold smart character but in my opinion, MC is really pathetic. And another thing is MC is not good at anything. If not for the system and its emergency quests he would have lost big time (The only thing that saves him is thick plot armour) Certainly don't expect a genius military weapon designer as said in the description. because until now all he does is buy weapons and ammunition from the system and sell it to the customers. Anyway, If you want a novel that the entire plot is one massive filler. This is it. (Maybe this is too harsh but looking at the other super positive reviews, I think this is fine)


this is a really good story kind of fun to see how you're putting the story together it's kind of like how you're doing with it interesting and be kind of fun to see all the technology going to bring in


Reveal spoiler


Almost at an important milestone that could really help your novel, which is reaching 500 chapters! I am loving the book so far. Though the chapter release is kind of abysmal and probably holds back the back from more good tickets. I think this novel has great potential and that you should not give up. I will continue to support this novel. Very excited for the upcoming chapters


Man, I started reading this novel but I didn't see the h1arem tag. It's a good read but not my type of novel.


Okay so this story started off pretty promising. The premise was solid and things were looking good. But then out of nowhere around chapter 100 or so the main character goes through some weird transformation. Suddenly he's killing people left and right without any movie ch thought including innocent characters doing their job. It's just a total buzzkill. I know there were already some frustrating moments earlier on in the story but at least those made some kind of sense. Now it's like the MC has lost his marbles and thinks everyone is disrespecting him so he's just like, "I'll kill 'em all!" It's so illogical and just plain dumb. I wouldn't recommend this novel, but if you're into reading stories that start off with potential and then devolve into trash, knock yourself out


Made it to chapter 40. MC is basically a weak store clerk with point&click crafting of different guns/ammo. It's been like 50/50 split chapters about other people. Might be world building but for me it was not interesting


Reveal spoiler


I have to say this is a great novel and once you get around to 150 you learn so much and see the great potential this novel has! I hope we can eventually get 2 chapters a day 🀩


Great Story Kinda frustrating for me not knowing the proper plot with his mother. Please post more .........................................


have read till chap 113(current latest) and this is my opinion. its a well-thought story. the characters are great. and when i say great i mean annoyingly real. well wht i mean is that altho there are some annoying characters. they dont feel like a 2d char. so altho i hate them, i appreciate those characters. the world however are a bit weird. its a western fantasy but the people are eastern and the term sect or ancestors do exists. so its a bit weird but not exactly in a bad way. the world building is slow, we barely know a lot abt the world. i mean there are some bits of info that does indicates the depth of the history. but as of now, none have been revealed. which is why 3 stars for now. my biggest and only problem is the MC as he is a hotheaded type. like seriously, he would do something reckles on a whim. and not only that, he is quite ruthless and cold and also evil in a way. which honestly was already warn by the author, but i didnt read it. so thats just my fault. but nevertheless, MC is just annoying to me. he acts like a tyrant, offending people for the smallest reason. its like yeah, you will be ruthless if someone pass your bottomline. but the prob is, your bottomline is wayyy too high. perhaps the best way to describe him is that he is acts like a noble. he is arrogant and hot blooded. fearless towards anyone. if you offend me by the slightest, ill kill you or extort you. as you can see, i really dislike MC. but in the end i kept reading. bcs i feel like the book has potential and as of now, the characters still feels real and well design. so yeah, idk how long i can persist. perhaps another 100 chap unless the MC changes his personality. so overall, the story are great. plothole do exist here and there, but most of them doesnt really change the core of the story. so we can let that slide. thus, my only advice w you is to prepare yourself w the MC's personality, bcs if you are like me. who likes the complete opposite of this MC. well, you can expect to frown in annoyance every 5 chapter or so. other than tht, the story is great and should be given a try.


Overall all an amazing story! I didn't find any too big writing errors, but no human is perfect. Uhm, I would prefer the update stability to be better, but it is what it is. I think the story is going in a great direction. Character design is impeccable. World background, well, I haven't seen much, but from what I have seen, it is detailed and nice.


eager to see more,I'm loving this story,want to see when the MC gets stronger and gets revenge on the royalty hhahah I recommend it too much for people to read.


Awesome Story More plz. this is a really good story kind of fun to see how you're putting the story together it's kind of like how you're doing with it interesting and be kind of fun to see all the technology going to bring in


Good story can get frustrating though with some plot lines (especially the relationship with his mom.) The main character becomes inconsistent sometimes. Some of his characteristics is all over the place. still a good story worth the read.


Author, my question is about the cultivation rankings, we want to learn more about it, you never even explain about it.


it's a great book to read I enjoy it but the only problem is that gravity should be a supreme attribute cuz it goes in depth with physics and if you can create a black hole that then you can do almost anything like travel back in time/forward in time to and you can rip atom's apart there for you can create anything that is matter and you can absorbs energy likes it's nothing and there for you can create a sun/a planet or just a cheeseburger πŸ˜…