41 Emergency Quest: Rescue a Damsel in Distress

Until a while ago, Mark was planning to return to his home as quickly as possible as he knew that with its huge and strange appearance, the Battle Tank will not only attract the attention of passersby but also give his position away to the hidden enemies.

Because he's weak, he couldn't abandon the Battle Tank until he reaches his destination. On the other hand, the Battle Tank is too big to even enter Rainbow Street where his store was located.

So, he made a simple plan. Stop at the main street and make a run for their store quickly. It was three hundred meters away. Normally, it wouldn't take too much time to reach the store but if there are enemies, then, he will have to depend on Allen to defend him on the way.

Little did he expect that as soon as the Battle Tank reached the corner of the street, Mark will receive a surprising notification emergency quest from the system…

*Ding! You received an Emergency Quest

He clicked on the quest.

Emergency Quest II: Rescue a Damsel in Distress

Description: Song Yue has been abducted by two spies of the Nie Clan and is in dire need of help. Song Yue is an important customer of Genesis. In order to not lose the profits of the store, go to Lake Beihai and rescue her.

Enemy strength: Four-circle realm*2, One five-circle realm*1

Rewards: Song Yue's Affinity with the store increases by 2 levels.

Location: Beihai Temple, Lake Beihai


"Song Yue has been abducted?" Mark was obviously taken aback as he didn't expect it to happen. At first, he wasn't that interested to help her out but then, as he saw the rewards, he was a little bit surprised and enquired about the matter with the System.

*Ding! Affinity with the store decides the relationship of the customer to the store. The higher the affinity, the more the customer will be attracted towards the store and they will prefer to buy the weapons from the store over others.

*Ding! Upon reaching a certain level of affinity, the customers will be also eligible to buy exclusive weapons from the System. The Host cannot sell anyone else apart from the eligible customer.

Levels: Total purchases (worth)

Level-1: 1000 gold coins

Level-2: 10000 gold coins

Level-3: 100000 gold coins

Level-4: 1 million gold coins

Level-5: 10 million gold coins

Level-6: 100 million gold coins

Level-7: 1 Billion gold coins

Level-8: 10 Billion gold coins

Level-9: 100 Billion gold coins

Max: 1 Trillion gold coins

"One tr.. trillion?" Naturally, Mark went into a daze because of high-level figures given by the system. "Even if I collect all the gold coins in the world, there won't be 1 trillion."

System also understood his thoughts. So, it gave a little bit of clarification.

*Ding! Customers don't need to buy items with gold coins every time. Those who reach level-2 can trade jewels, ether crystals, gold, or above graded items to buy the weapons from the store. The system will decide their worth during the transaction and neither the host nor the customer has the right to bargain the final amount.

"I see, I understand." Now that he realized that he will get to create new weapons even if they could be sold for only Song Yue, Mark felt that it is worth saving her even if he has to face the risk of being surrounded by higher realm soldiers on the way.

Mark also convinced himself that if he helps her out, at least the immediate future fight with the Song Clan or with the palace will end. If he was strong enough, he will care less about the retaliation from the palace, but currently, he isn't. He needs customers and a lot of time to develop his store and in turn, become stronger. Since there's a chance of resetting all the trouble with just one quest, he decided to take the gamble.

With Allen controlling the vehicle, Mark intended to create as much ammunition as he can before the time limit is up. He pressed on accept. But, the system gave him another surprise of the day.

*Ding! You accepted Emergency quest II, Rescue a Damsel in Distress.

*Ding! Your location is more than 1 km away from the quest location. Teleportation is activated in 3, 2, 1…

"Eh? Whaaaaat…"

Suddenly, a black portal is generated above the Tank and sucked the vehicle. It wasn't a smooth process at all.


The entire vehicle fell on the ground from 4 meters high, causing a huge tremor inside. As the Battle Tank crashed on the ground, Mark was pushed by the seat towards the roof.

Thankfully, Allen was quick enough to cover Mark at the right time before the latter's head hit the roof, or else, he would have ended up with a grave head injury as he was still a normal civilian. As for the Android, nothing happened even if his back was hit.

*Ding! You reached the destination.

"The fuck… Are you out of your mind?" Mark didn't hold back to scold the system as it was too abrupt.

*Ding! Profanity Alert. Warning to the Host to conduct himself or else, you will be faced with a penalty.

The system gave him a warning as usual.

"Why didn't you tell me beforehand? I would have at least wear a seatbelt and prepare myself." Controlling himself, Mark roared in his head.

*Ding! The Host never asked the System about the details.

The system answered him in a plain tone as if that's obvious. After a brief silence, it added an explanation.

*Ding! Emergency Quest is called Emergency Quest because it is an emergency situation and the host will not have sufficient time to make preparations beforehand.

*Ding! If the Host is located more than 1 kilometer away from the quest location, then, the host will be teleported to the quest location, or else, the Host will have to reach the location manually.

*Ding! The Host can also request a quest map that will show the enemy's position for a limited time. In that case, the automatic teleportation feature will be deactivated.

*Ding! The Carriage with unconscious Song Yue is about to arrive in two minutes.

Mark noted the rules to his mind. He felt like both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if he can get a map that shows enemies' movements, he can intercept them at any point. On the other hand, the teleportation feature will save him a lot of effort. But, how can the System decide on a certain location as the Quest location?

After all, this isn't a game but real life, and the thoughts and actions of real humans are often filled with so many variables. Who knows, they change their mind halfway and go in a different direction or they might even decide to run away in fear, instead of proceeding with the abduction. They could meet with an accident or someone else might save the hostage.

While he was having several thoughts about this, Allen opened his mouth, "Big Brother, the carriage has arrived."

Mark's attention immediately turned to the screen where he could see a horse carriage from far away.

"Allen, I leave this to you. You just need to leave one of the enemies alive." Mark gave an order while handing him the gold-grade sword he confiscated from the dead body a while ago.

All this while, an unlucky bald man in monk robes was being crushed and got stuck underneath the Battle Tank as it fell on top of him during the teleportation. Being heavily injured, he appeared unconscious.

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