We Will Be Magic Knights!

The story about a man wanting to become the best Magic Knight, but will face the most odd obstacle of his life. He gained a second body! What's more, it's a girl! But the real obstacles are the things happening behind his back! Will he ever figure out what they are before it's too late?

Amai_Dolce · Fantasy
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230 Chs

Surge of Power

So right now, I'm standing just outside my house as Rose. However, I have Archie and Charles with me. I brought them along for a specific reason, but…

"Uhm… I don't remember inviting you, Delcie."

"I have business with the Princess. Charles told me that she lives with you so it can't be helped."

When she said that, I turned to Charles who was standing close to me. After that, I elbowed him in the gut enough to make him slouch down to my height.

"Dude, why did you tell her?"

"There was no harm in telling her though? I thought she could be trusted."

"The only thing harming here is me shoving my foot down your throat! Keep a secret will you? Ofelia is still a princess that we're tasked to protect."

"O-oh, right. I completely forgot about that."

"I don't really mind if it's just her. Don't be too hard on him."

As I was about to smack Charles again, Ofelia taps into my mind through Red and took Charles side.

Seeing me pause all of a sudden, everyone looks at me all confused.

"She permits Delcie to come in."

When I said that, Charles lets out a sigh of relief while going in first into my home.

"How did you know that?"

Delcie who's out of the loop, became confused. Well that was obvious. But I don't or either Archie or Charles has the right to say anything unless Ofelia herself discloses it.

"It's a long story, but if Ofelia herself tells you about it, there's nothing we can do."

"I-I see."

As we entered my home, in contrast to Charles and Archie, Delcie who's looking around the small entrance looks really bewildered. I'm guessing this is her first time entering a commoner's house.

"Yeah, I was like that when I came here the first time."

Charles commented while hanging his blazer on the wall hanger.

"You're frequent here?"

"Not really, but I do visit from time to time."

It's true that Charles does visit here with Archie, but I wish he can stop bringing flowers. It's annoying. But hearing this, it seems it got Delcie into thinking.

As we continued into the living room, we heard a sound of footsteps from upstairs.

"Can you move already?"


Archie asked me while taking a glass cup and taking cold water from the fridge. Since the fridge was close to the stairs, he decided to take a peek at who was coming down.

All of a sudden, we heard him suddenly choke on water and then coughed his lungs out.

"What's wrong?"

While I was worried, when he turned, although in tears from the pain of his throat, he was somehow looking all amused and was about to burst into laughter.

When the person finally came down from the stairs, it was just Ofelia. However, it wasn't the usual Ofelia were used to seeing.

Her hair was all over the place, the feather of her wings were ruffled and untidy, her shirt was ruffled and creases were everywhere, her lower pajamas were hanging for dear life to hide her underwear, and most of all, she was wearing my old jacket.

Not a single trace of the elegant Princess could be seen.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I am pleased to meet everyone despite me not attending today's classes."

"O-Ofelia, w-what are you doing?"

Charles and Archie were holding back their laughter. Delcie on the other hand was in shock at the sudden appearance of the Princess in such a state.

"I had nothing to do all day. I'm sorry for not asking permission, but I used my power on you to use your computer."

She did WHAT!?

"Rest assured, I did not open any files in your computer. I saw the contents in your memory and I know they should not be opened."

I don't know whether to feel angry, sad, or ashamed. But, that's not the important part right now.

"O-Ofelia, did you at least take a shower today?"

When I asked her that, she looks at herself and falls quiet. Though emotionless, her cheeks slightly become pink as she looks at me again. It seems she finally realized her blunder.

"I got accustomed to Carla assisting me with my grooming. I did not realize she left early today so I forgot."

"Who forgets something as important as that!?"

While I was retorting, I went to Delcie and grabbed her shoulders.

"P-please, can you help Ofelia take a bath?"

"B-but, I'm a noble lady. I'm not supposed to do such chores. Why don't you do it?"

"I may look like this, but I'm still a guy!"

"E-even so!"

"I'll do anything you want! Just help me with this one!"

When I literally dropped on my knees begging her, Delcie looks at me looking very troubled. And after a while, she lets out a sigh of resignation and looks at Ofelia.

"Alright, fine. But you better keep your word."

As she resigns from my begging, she goes towards Ofelia and grabs her hand. And while apologizing, she drags her upstairs away from our sights.


After a while, all of us have gathered in my room.

Now that I noticed it, my room is quite small. Aside from Ofelia who's sitting on the bed next to my sleeping other body, everyone else were leaning wherever they want.

"So, how do you plan on waking up your other body?"

Archie said while rummaging through his pocket trying to take out something. When he found it, he immediately tosses it to me.

When I caught it, I open my palm and a violet colored liquid in a vial could be seen. This thing is a Mana Potion. An expensive one too so I hope it's powerful enough.

"Demons, historically speaking, used to be in war against humans to take their magic to keep themselves alive. And after the Mana Potion was invented, the war between Demons against other races ceased. This is because Demons discovered that they can get magic a Mana Potion could produce."

Before saying anything, Ofelia looks at me while holding Red's hand.

"So you're planning on..."

"Overloading my Magic. If this works, I might be able to reverse the flow of magic that sends my power from my male self to this female body."

When I spoke my plan, Ofelia looks at me with concern.

"That assumes that you know how to control your flow of magic. As far as your memories tell me, you're still a novice when it comes to controlling your magic."

What she said is true. Hearing someone else say it kind of hurts. Then again, I'm taking a gamble here. I don't like being stuck like this.

"Well, it's worth the risk. Since Rose is a Demon, I won't die of magic overload. Probably end up overcharged like what the books says."

Ofelia looks at me in the eyes, staring deeply into my soul with her golden eyes. And after a resigning sigh, she lets go of Red's hand and stands with her wings embracing her arms like a sash.

"I won't stop you. And even if I do, you'd still do it. Besides..."

When she was about to continue her words, her cheeks went a bit rosy while looking away. I guess she read what was in my mind earlier.

Seeing that reaction, I could feel blood rush to my face and heat up.

"L-let's hope I don't resort to plan B."

"What's plan B?"

Since I kept him in the dark, Charles couldn't help but ask about it. Then again, I really don't want to answer that.

"You'll know if Plan A fails. Hopefully I don't have to resort to the second one."

"But don't you have Plan C?"

"Ofelia, just this once, don't say anything more than necessary."

Ignoring that last one, I proceeded to stand on the bed with my male self below me.

Opening the bottle, my heartrate skyrockets to the point that I could hear it ringing in my ears.

The smell of the liquid in the bottle is strong. That alone makes me more nervous than ever.

"H-Here goes..."

When I put the liquid into my mouth, the awful flavor spreads out on my tongue. It nearly made me want to spit it out, but this costed me 2 months worth of allowance so I had to gulp it down regretfully and painfully.

Though I only drank it down in seconds, it felt like minutes.

After I emptied the bottle, I put the lid back on and tossed it to Charles.

"Let's hope this works."

Out of nowhere, a strong pulse exploded inside me. And immediately, a huge surge of magic power rose up from my stomach and spreads out to my body giving me goosebumps.

However, it was stronger than I expected. The potion is super potent.

"R-rose, are you alright?"

It seems I got Charles and the gang worried, but I have to power through this so I pushed him away while covering my Lust Coax eye that activated.

"Don't get near me! I might end up hurting you."

More magic power is rising inside me. There's so much that I think I surpassed my maximum capacity.

But, as expected of this Demon counterpart of myself, I can manage. I could feel the mana overflowing from me.

This might be because I'm not like a regular demon who has a large capacity to hold mana. At the end of the day, this body is more human than it is being a demon.

"So what now?"

Archie asks while looking at me all nervous.

"I'm transferring this to my other self."


"By force."

I sit on my male body's stomach and put my hands on the chest part.

By focusing my magic to a single point which is my chest, I let the overflowing magic surge into my male body like drowning it with magic.

"My Demonic roots allow me to use the Dark Element. The Element itself is hard to bring out, but at the same time, it's easy to understand and control. Just like turning my Flames into Ice through a curse, I can probably curse my own Magic to flow into my other body."

"But, isn't the Dark Element hard to control because you need to have malice to be able to use it properly?"

When he said that, I couldn't help but laugh while pouring mana into my male self.

"That's the thing, I always have malice towards myself. The more malice I have, the more effective the curse is. So this has a high chance of working."

Though I didn't look, I could tell that Archie was holding his laughter behind me.

That aside, I do now feel like my original self is gaining power. However, despite the large amount of magic I'm pouring in, it feels like only a tenth could actually be transferred.

"She's spending more magic on Cursing than actually transferring magic. At this rate, Rose will run out of magic before Red could wake up."

Ofelia seems to know what's happening. And from her explanation, this feeling of inefficiency now makes sense.

At this point, proceeding would be pointless and wasteful so I just let go of my body.

Letting out a deep sigh, I scratch my head and look at Charles.

Ofelia next to me has her cheeks slightly rosy because she knows what I am going to do.

"Are you sure about doing it?"

"Even if I have to resort to plan C, I will."

I could not help but feel embarrassed thinking about it, but if it fixes my original body, I will do whatever it takes.

As I jump out of the bed, I approach Charles and then grab his uniform.


"U-uhm... I'm really sorry for this. I didn't tell you anything about my second plan because I really don't want to resort to this."

"Is this related to you being a succubus?"

I can't help but look away. I'm so embarrassed that I feel like I could die!

"Will you get angry at me if I say I was hoping for this?"

"If it's you Charles, I'm not surprised that I would be. Then again, I'm the one asking for a favor here."

"Why not Archie though?"

"Sir Archie doesn't have that much magic. It might endanger his life."

Ofelia interjected. Well, she was the one who told me that Archie can't be my target.

"So, are you okay if I siphon from you?"

"Honestly, I'm very glad that I'm your first choice!"

Charles is really excited about it, but I on the other hand, am not. Rather, I don't want to do this but I really have no choice at this point.

And without waiting any further, I cover his eyes with one hand and swallowed my pride and put my lips unto his.

From there on, my succubus instinct kicks in.

Using my free hand, I grab his chin and pull down to lower his jaw. As what my instinct is telling my body, my tongue invades his mouth and pushed him to the wall pinning and overpowering him.

I don't exactly know what's happening, my mind is overflowing with the feeling of disgust and pleasure and most of all, power. Unlike with the Potion, my body seems to prefer this source of power.

Honestly, I think my brain is going haywire right now. All I can think of is draining him of his magic.

And just when I feel like I was about to break, immediately, I was pulled away by force by none other than Ofelia and Delcie.

When I snapped back into reality I saw Charles barely having any strength to stand up and out of breath. Though despite that, he has a satisfied expression painted on his face.

"You nearly started draining his life force instead of his magic."

"O-oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't control myself. Are you alright, Charles?"

Though weakened, Charles smiles and lifts his hand and shows me a thumb up. He's more or less okay.

Right now, my body feels like something had been changed. Rather, I feel like I'm brimming with power yet somehow it doesn't feel like I've hit my maximum capacity.

"Demons are supposed to be creatures that grow and evolve with the amount of magic they consume. So what you are feeling right now is normal. Anymore than what you have right now might make you evolve into something more dangerous."

Ofelia doesn't seem surprised about it, but worried instead.

"How can you tell I was going to?"

"I scent of your demon blood got stronger."

Oh right, I almost forgot that dragons can smell demons.

As I clench my hand to test my power, I could feel my strength being stronger than before.

"Well, I hope this is enough."

Just when I thought of that, a strong pulse shook my body enough to make me drop on my knee. In an instant, my male self awakens and I grasp for air forcing my lungs to catch my breath. My magic automatically balanced out to both my bodies and now I could feel strength flowing throughout my body.

"Red, you're finally revived!"

"Don't make it sound like I died."

When I turned my attention to the excited Delcie, out of nowhere, her face turns red and started shaking and had her knees weakened.

Immediately, Ofelia goes to me and covers my demon eye at which at the same time, Delcie dropped on the floor with confusion while looking at her hands.

"What was that just now?"

She looked at me with distress in her face.

"That might be my Lust Coax. Sorry about that. It seems that the sudden surge of magic in this body made it go out of control for a bit."

"That was a weird feeling..."

Ignoring for a while, as Red, I grab Ofelia's hand that was covering my demon eye and lowered it since I got it already under control. As Rose, I grab Archie's hand to lift and assist me.

"You alright dude?"

"Somewhat back to normal. I'm guessing that some of the overflowing power went to my other body to balance out."

"That's good then. But just to make sure, let's go to Father tomorrow for a check-up."


"I'll also tell aunty later so that she'll know. I don't want to get scolded by your sister if I don't."


While he was speaking, though unconsciously, my eyes were following the movements of his lips.

"Dude, are you really alright? You look dazed."

When he asked, I snapped out of the trance.

Wait, what was I just thinking just now?

-End of Chapter-