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- Anya POV-

that was the best anime ending I have ever seen in my 18 years of life. I know I say this about every shojo anime I watch but that's only because it's true.

It's already 11 pm though. I guess the app can wait until tomorrow - or maybe not. Knowing that harasser friend of mine, she'll ask me about it first thing in the morning tomorrow when we meet. I guess I'll just give it a try. 5 minutes won't kill anyone.

*opens app*

Oh, how cute, it's a cat themed one. now how does this work.

-1 hour later -

So basically, it's not really anonymous as Lilly said. There is just no profile pictures, but you can see the name, the age, the gender, the location, interests and the bio of the person you are looking at. You can also only start a chat when you are both live and land on each other's profile.

I guess that's good. I mean, you get the opportunity to talk to people with the same interest as you. Although, it will definitely bring more creeps to the yard, since you can't see what they look like.

There is a bio feature. I could write a civilised one but... I'm a genius.

-15 minutes later-

Perfect! About a 200 words long bio. That can make all the weirdos scroll past me [evil laugh] aaah I have a talent for being annoying.


After browsing for an other hour, Anya could bring herself to talk to a few decent people that actually, to her surprise, found her bio funny. She also managed, through her abnormally long and boring bio, to encourage all the weirdos and horny users to swap past her before they even start talking, which was her plan anyways.

By now, she's already talked to 4 girls and 2 guys who all seemed friendly but, if she had to be honest, it was nothing extremely interesting.

"As I thought, nothing worth my time and energy" she said to herself, while yawning.

When she was about to leave the "browsing for new friends" feature to go to sleep, she bumped into a profile that was unlike the others; no interests listed, no bio, no special design. Just a name and a location.

"hmm.. now that's unusual. Well, not that I care. It's a guy, I bet he'll swipe away anyways. I'll just wait for him to read the bio and give him 5 seconds max to leave without saying hi ... hahaha "

-to be continued

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