201 What Do You Want From Him?_1

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"Senior Sister, please wait here for a moment. I'll go and report to Eldest Senior Brother right away. But I have to tell you one thing first. Eldest Senior Brother is in secluded cultivation. I can't guarantee that he will see you!" 

An outer sect disciple said.

If the Great Mystery Holy Son, Su Chen, were here, then they would have to ask the Eldest Senior Brother to come out no matter what.

After all, if they could befriend someone like Su Chen, it would be of endless benefit to their Eldest Senior Brother and the Illusionary Cloud Sect.

However, if the other party was only a core disciple, that would not be of much value. Moreover, Mu Qingxue's name was not too famous.

In everyone's eyes, she was just an ordinary core disciple of the Great Mystery Sacred Sect.

Who knew how long it took her to cultivate to her current realm?

What if...it took Mu Qingxue decades to reach this stage? 


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