We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World

Su Chen transmigrated into a fantasy world and awakened the divine-level boasting system. As long as someone boasted, he could receive rewards! Fellow apprentices said, "Although we are all at the same level, my senior brother Su Chen can kill ten people like you with one sword!" Su Chen instantly entered the forbidden realm and became the strongest person at the same level in history! Elders of the sect said, "I see the aura of the great emperor in Su Chen!" Su Chen's body instantly entered the realm of perfection, and his talent reached the ultimate level. Supreme Immortal Emperor said, "The sword in Su Chen's hand is simple and unadorned, but it is glowing with divine light. It must be a supreme divine weapon!" In an instant, the sword in Su Chen's hand shone with divine light and turned into a supreme divine weapon. Peers asked, "Are you really as strong as the legend says?" Su Chen replied, "No, no, it's just because of everyone's exaggerating and boasting."

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The God-Level Bragging System

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At the East Barrens.

In the outer sect of the Great Mystery Sect.

In a short thatched cottage, a pale-faced young man was quietly leaning against the head of the bed.

After a long while, only then did Su Chen slowly open his eyes. He looked helplessly at the furnishings in the hut and sighed, "I probably transmigrated…"

After spending two and a half hours, Su Chen finally accepted this fact.

He had indeed transmigrated to a magnificent fantasy world.

He had thought that he would be the almighty protagonist in the novel, an invincible existence standing at the top of the world at the very beginning.

However…reality proved that he was overthinking.

He was now an outer disciple of the Great Mystery Sect.

Not long ago, he went to the Desolate Mountains with other four outer disciples for training. In the end, they encountered a Qi Sea Realm beast, and almost all of them were killed.

The original host crushed the sect token at the critical moment, calling out to the nearby sect elders for help.

After that, the original host lost his memory.

Su Chen guessed that the original host should have died at that time.

"What kind of beginning is this? All the meridians in his body are broken, and all the bones are shattered. He can't even move. This is no different from dying! What a sin! It's better not to transmigrate here! Other people can be the almighty protagonists in their time-travel stories, but why did I become an ordinary man!"

Su Chen looked at the sky speechlessly, feeling the spiritual energy in his body fading away.

At this moment, the only part of his body that could move was his mouth.

"I don't want such a transmigration!"


In the next second, his heart suddenly dropped.


[The god-level bragging system is binding.]

[The god-level bragging system is bound successful!]

"Hmm? System?"

When Su Chen heard the mechanical voice in his mind, his body trembled.

"Just as expected, as a time traveler, the system is a must! System, hurry up and introduce your functions."

[Dear host, this system only has one function, and that is to brag! As long as others keep flattering you in their minds, you will be rewarded! There are five bragging levels: white, blue, purple, gold, and red. There will be corresponding differences in rewards between each level. Note: You must not give any verbal or physical hints to others to make them brag about you!]

"Uh… Isn't this just a bragging system?"

Su Chen's eyes lit up when he heard the system's introduction.

For Su Chen, who had read a lot of web novels in his previous life, this was something new.

[System testing...]

[Host: Su Chen]

[Cultivation: Seventh Level of Qi Gathering Realm (Meridians are broken, cultivation can dissipate at any time)

[Cultivation Method: Hunyuan Art]

[Martial Art: None…]

Su Chen was speechless.

Looking at the system interface, he suddenly wanted to ask, "System, are you being serious? Oh, I noticed the novice gift packs for other people were all kinds of divine artifacts and skills. Why haven't I found my package yet?"

Given his current condition, if he wanted to survive, he could only place his hopes on the novice gift pack of the system.

[Ding! The system currently does not provide gift packs for the novices!]

Su Chen didn't know what to say.

"I thought you were awesome after the introduction, but I didn't expect you to be a knockoff!"

He could not help but complain after hearing the system's cold mechanical voice.

This system was manufactured in the fake Silicon Valley, right?

It didn't even have gift packs for the novices.

He didn't have a novice gift pack and could not move at all. It could be said that there was no difference whether he had this system or not...

In the end, he would eventually be dead.


Just as Su Chen was about to admit it, the system's voice sounded in his mind again.

[Ding! Congratulations on being bragged about by others. The brag is Level White!]

[Bragging content: Senior Brother Su Chen will definitely return to normal: 1/25]


Su Chen frowned and looked up at the space in front of him.

A screen of light appeared in front of him.

The words that showed on the screen were exactly what the system said in his mind.

They were so eye-catching that it was difficult to ignore them.

"It is indeed a knockoff system. This notification method is really special…"

Su Chen muttered to himself, feeling ridiculous.

However, it was actually quite unique.

"But… Although this system is quite a knockoff, it looks like there's some hope! Twenty-five people… With the connections that the original host has built in the outer sect for so many years, it shouldn't take long," Su Chen thought to himself.

He had already guessed why someone boasted about the fact that the toxins in his body were cleansed.

Among the outer disciples of the Great Mystery Sect, the original host was considered a little genius. Moreover, his family background was quite good.

The family behind him was in actual charge of the city.

Not to mention that he never hid his cultivation experience, often communicated with other outer disciples, and never put on airs as a senior brother.

That was the reason he was very popular among the outer disciples.

The news that he was attacked by a Qi Sea Realm beast and his meridians were broken had spread throughout the entire outer sect of the Great Mystery Sect.

Presumably, these people who were bragging about him were his junior brothers and sisters.

[Bragging content: Senior Brother Su Chen will definitely return to normal: 2/25]

[Bragging content: Senior Brother Su Chen will definitely return to normal: 3/25]


The system's voice kept ringing in Su Chen's mind.

The characters on the virtual interface in front of him also began to jump rapidly.

At the same time.

In the outer sect of the Great Mystery Sect, about three kilometers away from Su Chen's residence.

A group of outer disciples gathered together and discussed Su Chen's matter.

"Senior Brother Su Chen is really unlucky. He met a Level Three Qi Sea Realm beast when he went out to train…"

"Yeah, this is really unexpected."

"I heard from Elder Xie it seemed that someone deliberately set Senior Brother Su Chen up and that was why he met that demonic beast."

"Deliberately? What do you mean?"

"It seemed like someone from the Everlasting Sect didn't like Senior Brother Su Chen, so they set him up!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding people instantly fell silent.

Everyone knew that the Great Mystery Sect and the Everlasting Sect didn't get along.

Their disciples often had conflicts, and it was a common occurrence.

But they never dared to kill people in public.

However, to everyone's surprise, they actually dared to set up a trap deliberately.

"Hehe, I don't believe that Senior Brother Su Chen is injured."

At this moment, a disciple dressed in the outer sect uniform of the Great Mystery Sect said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at him in confusion.

After all, even the elders said that Su Chen's meridians were broken, and he would probably never be able to cultivate again.