293 Leave With Su Chen

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Just as Tang Shui's thoughts kept racing, Su Chen slowly sheathed the Azure Dragon Sword and calmly asked, "Is there anyone else willing to challenge the Eternal Forbidden Body?"


His voice wasn't loud, but it echoed for hundreds of miles around.


The crowd exchanged glances when they heard this.


Hesitation filled the faces of those present. Some of the younger prodigies quickly averted their gazes, looking elsewhere.


What a joke! Even the prodigy from the Qin family had fallen into Huo Xi's hands. Engaging in a battle with her at this moment was akin to seeking death!


However, it wasn't that they were afraid of Huo Xi. Each of the prodigies present was a peerless talent from various holy lands and empires. They didn't believe that their strength was inferior to Qin Yu from the Qin family. If they were to face Huo Xi, they might not win, but they wouldn't lose terribly.



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