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"An unrelenting force of nature meets the Shinobi World. All beings lament......" This sentence perfectly describes what the mc aspires to be. He despises everything about Naruto and anime in general. And is resentful that he was put in a world such as this. Everything and everyone is but a mere stepping stone for his goals.... Aren't you interested in knowing his journey? If so, then take it from me. This doesn't disappoint.

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Your must be a pretty hard working individual dear author to pump out such great quality chapters frquently i wish i had even half of the drive u did. Good novel btw its nice to see something fresh like an evil protagnist with no morals which hold him back.


Some Guy named ManOfWar Reccomended me this novel on the dark novel server and i have to say its a 10/10 only thing i dislike is the chapters are too low so im waiting till we reach atleast chp 120. I also dont like that his motivation of how he is doing this to go to earth to meet his friends and how he has lost all ambitions and ideals only wants to live a stable temporary life then die in the end like a peasant,He also knows in his heart that his so called friends and these ninjas are the same ants and will only think about their about profit when it comes to their benefits. Otherwise best naruto fan fiction i read. ❤️😍❤️😍


Loving it so far👍 A smart, goal-oriented MC that would go to any lengths to achieve his goals. He sort of reminds me of Yami Inuzuka from 'Dream of Immortality'.


A great plot ans story enjoying Lot just couple thing that the author does with the main character which annoys me everything. Is comparing himself to naruto and sauke calling then stupid. obviously he's different he has an adult mind while naruto and sasuke have a child mentailtiy I don't how u can compare them and the call them stupid where one is adult who lived in good society while naruto and sasuke experienced traumatic experienced at a young age, I love the story and the plot just get annoyed when the author always states that he's not stupid as an child well obviously


Don't test my patience..... Show me more ruthlessness, more cruelty, and more chapters. I like your work, don't stop spreading more villainy.


Author of Hope for a Future When this story ends, you start writing Lord of Mysteries and the hero is a villain with no morals who only seeks benefits if you have enough skills.


This is a world which offers incredible opportunities. One which guarantees that if someone was truly willing, they could even defy the kiss of death. However, it is a sweet poison. A double-edged sword. Because where opportunities lie, dangers also make themselves known. Now, what happens when a man filled with hatred for this seemingly ’gold-laden’ world is thrown into it? The answer is simple… Chaos erupts. The Pandora’s box has opened and the world isn’t ready for what it just released. The name of this novel alone gives you a sneak peek into what to expect. A main character who goes on a brutal journey to achieve his goal by any means necessary. A novel that promises a man dead set on his objective, casting all useless distractions to the side. The true makings of a monster and the world would come to regret housing his very existence. An absolutely enjoyable and mature novel that I would recommend ten out of ten times.


Just found this novel it took me time to find it i had a dream that such a novel which suits my tastes existed so i searched alot and here i am. I dont usually comment i like to lurk like most people but i have to say this is an amazing book best naruto ff i have read author is no doubt hard working and well educated. Just that jonathan yuan's motivation which is to return to earth is something i dont like i hope author can change it to attaining immortality or absolute power as motivation. The chapters seem low but author updates 4 chps per day frequently.


Yah, it nice goin so far, naruto fanfic lover be sure to read this SI fic it would be nice if he had hyuga byakugan than sharingan.. And don't drop it boi


hello will this novel continue? Because the truth is one of the best Naruto stories I've read, and the one I most want to know what will happen in the following chapters.


A hidden gem. To be honest I saw this every time and never put into thought of reading it due to the description. Not a fan of dark side stuff, but I do read some here and there. Till now this caught my attention. I have to say I am quite impressed. The most thing I liked is the writing. It felt... "proper" in a sense. Like... it was f***en good to read. No joke. In my opinion, for once I read something well good quality in a fat while. Story development... I loved Book I. It was 😘 perfecto. Hella good of a start. Proceeding to Book II... I won't say I hate it. Its good, but it didn't feel "finished". The progression halted very slowly due to plot interferences that need to happen. Canon, off side stuff, etc. It really felt slow to me, but non the less it was regarding all the new characters. So of course a lot to keep in mind of. With the progressions of their development... gonna be a while haha. Now... about character. Specifically the Main Lead... everything felt good after his development from Book I. The only thing I F***en hate. Evil Illusion Flattery technique really blows. Out of everything in his kit... he uses Flattery and it "forced" a shipping. Part of that development... I kind of dislike... like a lot, but that is the only thing. Besides that... everything else goes.


will we ever get a picture of how the mc looks like?


Best Naruto fic on webnovel with a neutral evil mc.


thus story is absolutely amazing one of the first stories where the mc is actually a Villan and not some waterd down edgy anti hero great job author :)


I have read about 160 chapters of this on Scribble.Hub, this doesn't disappoint. The mc is a very goal oriented person who will stop at NOTHING for his goals, which are getting back home. The mc can not despise the Naruto world anymore then he already does, which is why he will do anything to get back home to his life. There are also a few chapters where we get to see his life on earth which really adds to his character.


Never watched Naruto and never will and absolutely hate shonen charac ter…I have expectations for this story don’t let me down


Author you should change the novels setting and switch it to fanfic. Trust me you're missing out a lot. Tbh this is my first time seeing this fic, I've just stumbled across it, but if it were on fanfiction section I'd definitely would have gotten it recommended. So please for the sake of this quality fic release the same chapters just in the fanfiction side.


Absolutely amazing, I haven't read anything as good as this in about a year or so. The story overall should be put beyond 5 stars since the MC actually has a goal and isn't there just to build a harem and get OP like almost every other naruto fanfic I've read while everything else is also really good, from the writing quality to world background everything is good, I can't think of anything else but keep up the good work.


One of the best naruto fanfictions I’ve read recently. And the best if we consider #dark and #antihero tags if we rate by them. For the people into sociopaths/psychopaths main characters it would be a great choice to read(it sounded offensive, but it’s not, MC is just really very very evil guy) Good grammar, smooth flow of the story, great canon references, sharingan is OP as ever, but as someone said ‘Sharingan can do anything the plot demands it to. Kishi has already made this clear.’