We're a Perfect Match for a Stand-in Marriage Book

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We're a Perfect Match for a Stand-in Marriage


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Hua Tang was an illegitimate daughter of the Hua family. To save her bedridden mother and improve her younger brother's life, Hua Tang agreed to marry a goon on behalf of her stepsister from another mother. Hua Tang's eyes filled with tears. She thought life before marriage was bad enough, but it only got worse. Their house was nearly falling apart. She didn't even dare to breathe for fear that it might collapse at any moment... Even so, Hua Tang still agreed to live there because the Hua family gave her money. To her surprise, her husband, who was supposed to be a goon, suddenly turned into a powerful and mysterious billionaire. "That's impossible!" Hua Tang shouted. She ran back to the rented house that was falling apart and threw herself into her husband's arms. "They said you're the fierce Mr. Fu. Is that true?" She asked teary-eyed. Fu Yong ruffled her hair. "I'm a gentle person. How could I be fierce? Those are false rumors. I bet that man just looks a lot like me." "That person is awful. No wonder his reputation is so bad. He actually said I'm his wife! Honey, let's beat him up!" Hua Tang cried out loud. The next day, Mr. Fu showed up in front of everyone with bruises and a smile on his face. "Mr. Fu, what happened to you?" Mr. Fu continued to smile. "My wife asked me to do it. That's why I had to exert a greater force. She'll feel sorry for me and forgive me for lying to her about my identity." "Mr. Fu... You're a wise man," everyone said.


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