Way of the Knights

The Final Haven Kingdom. The last known habitable place for humans. Protected by it's faithful Knights, it's walls were destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, signifying it's strength and unwillingness to bow down before the forces of evil. Raven, a young man who's soul returned back in time with his memories intact, what are the changes that he will bring to prevent the kingdom's destruction? Join his adventures along with his family, friends and his lover to find out what is his own Way of being a Knight. *** Disclaimers: 1.) One chapter everyday, might change depending on the ratings and/or personal reasons. We'll see. 2.) English isn't my native language, there's bound to be some errors here and there. You have been warned. Enjoy.

Hateful_Fellow · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
942 Chs

War: Divine Beasts' Presence


A spiked black tower shield was thrown to intercept the attack of the Crimson Crow King, a Tier 6 Demonic Beast.

An attack that would normally wipe out hundreds of Knights, was completely neutralized by Paul's Black Tortoise Shield. It didn't even budge nor shook from the impact. The pillar of flame was completely absorbed by the shield without letting anyone harmed. 

"Right back at you." Paul said as he gestured with his hand. 

The shield rotated and shot a powerful beam of energy similar to the Crimson Crow King's attack, albeit doubled in size and strength. 

The Crimson Crow King wasn't expecting its attack to not only be neutralized but also returned stronger. It dodged at last second but it didn't came out unscathed. The beam of light nicked its wings, causing it to fall to the marching horde.