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"Oracle's Hill?"

"Yes, Oracle's Hill is the name of this specific hill." Inos nodded, "This hill is where the Oracle Maria, one of Geezer's faithful servant, is buried. Before she perished, she wrote her will in a scripture and it was buried with her. This place is created to not only remember her but also her will."

"Just so you know, Oracle Maria is the first one to cultivate the [Crystal Sky Eyes] to its acme. Even the one who created the technique didn't live long enough to achieve that. Oracle Maria was in charge of logistics, when she's in charge, nothing escapes her eyes, not even Heavenly Laws themselves." Astrid added, causing Raven's eyes to widen. 

The ocular technique he uses, was something that the crown bestowed to him upon getting it. During his past life, this ocular technique provided him with so much help but it was just too difficult to make any progress from it therefore he wasn't able to display all of its capabilities. 


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