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Mandatory shameless Author review here. Doing this to slightly boost my rankings, you guys get it right? Come on... Anyways, enjoy. Support will be extremely appreciated.

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This review is based on what the author wrote. The criticism would be purely constructive and does not intend to discourage anyone from reading the novel. Worldbuilding- 3/5 The shallowness of the description of the world is so apparent. I get it that they are living in a confined space right now, but it would be better if you try to be wordy on this case since a lot chapter will happen on this 'Place' on the upcoming episodes. There are a lot of places that are mentioned in the earlier chapters, as well. It will be technically competent if you mention it one at a time. In this case, your novel is a reincarnation genre where it would go wrong unless you can describe those places in a bit descriptive way in the following chapter. Character- The people around the lead exists just for the convenience of the story - without deepness - you can make your characters carry some emotions, not only acting like a predictable robot. Please make them a real human being. Sentence structure- 2/5 A lot of paragraphs are so badly transitioned. It is making your lead looks like a multi-tasker. I rarely encounter grammatical errors and typos, as well. Which is good. Some punctuations are necessary for the readers to understand what is going on with the situations, and we can understand them clearly. Overall- 2/5 I love this kind of novel; I guess it all matters how the authors writes it. For me, it would be a good read if you don't have stories to enjoy anymore. What can I say is, this story has a lot of potentials. Just read a lot of popular books out there and particularly learn how they transition every paragraph. I wish you all the best.


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A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much! A Gem !!!!! I like this very much!


A good plot so far... Although it is a tiny bit unoriginal, the author has been sure to diversify their work to make it seem a bit more unique. Would recommend


Just bad. Reincarnator- check, super treasure - check, godly beauty with godly talent - check, some caricatures who are supposed to be his freinds- check, all knowing mc - check, mc who acts like 13 despite being 13000 yrs old - check. Result- Same old cliche cultivation novel that you can find dime a dozen. I recommend to move along.


Writing Quality: There are a lot of mistakes in any given chapter which greatly hinders the flow of reading. The most blatant mistakes are missing words or incorrect words such as "tales" instead of 'tails' or "of" instead of 'if'. Stability of Updates: I've powered through 50 chapters so I am not up to the update waiting part yet, don't think I will get there though. Checking the history shows it started off daily but has switched to a weekly mass update. Mostly reliable so far. Story Dev: Nothing really stands out, a bit forceful in moving the story along. Still in a stage where it feels like the story is in it's infancy which is fair for only having read 50 chapters. Character Design: Cliche? But at the same time it only feels like we have gotten to know two characters, the MC and romantic interest. A lot of the characters are just there and they don't feel "alive". Just being there for the sake of needing to be there. I will admit I was happy that the MC showed glimpses of quality from his youth, however it just makes it seem like he never changed even with the reincarnation. World Background: Nothing special, but it is early days. A lot to learn about the author's world in the future releases. I am a fan of the 'last bastion' start. Overall I don't really find anything special about this title. My best way to explain how I feel is that I would not use SS or FP to read this novel. My advice to the author would be to improve their writing via properly editing their work and to flesh out characters so the readers will actually care about what happens with them.


Dropped chapter 8 I'm fine if he wants to copy other authors to write or reference for his story what I'm not fine with is the bad attempt at it


I'll try to explain the most i can't without it looking like i'm dissing the story. First, i need to say that the premise it's a bit of a rip off from Tales of Demons and Gods, i need to say too, that the author changed it and gave his personal touch, so it's not much of a problem. Truth be told i like those changes, like the stories about the Spirit World. Now, my major problem is the author has a lot of difficulties with the lines of his story, i mean, they're enclosed on a finite place, it's undestable that resources and more specifically land are really valuable, then we get that each member of the genius class get a radius of 75 miles or 150 miles of diameter. My country has provincies a lot smaller than that. It's hard for me to undestand the limits of the knights on the history, the core of it. 13 years old children with punchs of 8 tons, ok, then the MC need to get out of the safe area, at 200 meters of the wall, the find a diamond storm, but they're super away to get back to the wall and be safe. Man... I'm not exactly atletic and can do that 200 meters in 15? 20 seconds? If the knight are so strong i think they're quick at the same proportion, being atleast between 10-100 faster than a normal person, but they prefer look around for a cave than go back 200 meters with this superspeed. Author you need to look at the number better, maybe 20 o 30 km or even more will be a lot more understable on this plot. Characters are lot better truth be told, they're are a few of the good points of the story, and then he ****ed it when he lost everything he had of the novel and thought why can i not change this in first person? Then the MC changed from an ancient protector to a warmonger arrogant child. The last thing and what i love the most of this type of novels, reincarnation type i mean, are the details of the world, things that the people doesnt know, because it's something extremely ancient or special that they think it's simple or simply didnt undestand. At first this was a strong point here and then it simply stopped, where was everything? I liked that a lot. I'll not say much about the fault of editing everything in the last 30-40 chapters but, yeah, that's a big "-" on my eyes too. With some work this can be remade on a good novel. Good luck


Reveal spoiler


Really good novel , altough have similiarity with TDG , But overall this book really great. Please make this book great man , work hard. Bless you


Honestly, the plot is actually pretty good. The main idea revolving around this novel feels similar to tales of demons and gods. But my brain is being affected by all the random errors in the sentence structure and whatnot. Yes, I saw the warning about English not being the writer's native language, but I'm reading to mostly improve my vocabulary and chill as I read along. So i find it particularly disturbing when I find myself trying to correct his errors in my head instead of enjoying the plot of the novel. idk man, if yall aren't affected by the grammar, then go ahead and read on.


Thought it was pretty good and was excited to read it. But then the old classic "we will ascend to a higher plane and everyone will split up" decision came and turned the novel into something else completely boring for me.


Reveal spoiler


This story had a decent amount of potential but honestly falls short on a lot of aspects and really only disappoints me in the end. Starting off I was fine with the TDG similarities, if I dropped a novel just because the beginning was similar I wouldn't read half of the novels that I do. Saying that I think the author did a decent job of branching off and implementing his own ideas. That being said the Author fails miserably when it comes to cultivation realms. He changed the the stages 3 times in the time before ascension, and at this point i still cant tell you what the stages are. Upon ascending he introduces new characters at some realm that we have no idea how that ranks compared to the mc or even what mc next realm even is. A glossary would be amazing, but I assume that's too much of an ask. Writing quality:3/5 Not the best but definitely readable, few errors here and there but nothing too bad to make me want to quit Story development:2.5/5 As I said before it had decent potential but fell short on many aspects. The MC claims he spent thousands of years in his past life to try and bring his family back, but when he reincarnates he jumps at the first chance he gets to ascend after barely spending a few years with them (not counting the time he left to train). Then turning into the classic "My only goal is to get stronger" line and splitting up from his friend group and wife when he ascends. Why even bother making the squad of friends if mc never makes an effort to do things with them? It is always him swooping in last minute saving the day by himself. They really don't serve any purpose in the story besides silly banter in between arcs. Don't get me wrong I'm all for the group but it seems the author just abandoned the mcs original goal to strengthen his friends so they can fight together. Finally really tired of the whole Marriage then separate and forget about them for who knows how many years trope. Character design:4/5 I like all the characters introduced and think that they had potential to make an interesting story. Unfortunately like a previously said they are abandoned along with many other characters in the story. Some of the characters pretty much abandoned with barely any development IE his sisters, the fairies, the monkeys, his mount venus, and pretty much most of the characters from the kingdom. World backround:2/5 His original world is so poorly developed that its really hard to even call it a world. The author went the cheap route of just a single kingdom and everything else is just wilderness. He claimed all these deities and gods came from this world but that just seems impossible. He said there were dwarfs, elves, naga, and other races but never mentioned where they lived or if they even existed anymore. If they once existed why not mention old ruins or old civiliztions? Nope nothing just the bare minimum boring "world" All in all this story had the means of saving itself when he left for the divine realm but unfortunately didn't deliver and went the route of severing all development prior and just starting anew with new characters and boring sect stuff.


this novel is a hidden gem in pile of rocks I started it for boredom but who knows that it's the best novel I read for at least a year the world background and story development is top notch and it's really have very good story




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Love the story!! Writhing quality sometimes lacking but mostly because of translation issues. I like the pace of the story, there wasn’t allot of times where I hade the feeling that it’s dragging on for contents sake. Its planned out nicely and gives me a feeling that I can read it again and find new hidden meanings Story line kind of generic(but lets be honest we love generic) I would like to see a large twist where something completely unexpected happiness but we’ll see as the story continues. Characters is great good steady progress(would like a bit more of the side cast in the form of personal story’s tho) Overall a 9/10, recommend to anyone who likes these kind of story’s but wants a change of pace. I love imagining how all this asian lore would look in a wester European style.


I will become the 10 reviewer in order to make this gem rated. There nothing much to say. This story seems a little clichè. But the author is good and know what he is doing. You should read it. You won't regret