151 Ashoka (1)

Translator: Deep_Blue Editor: Kurisu

"How about you?" Lu Sheng had a complex opinion of Li Shunxi. Initially, he had become friends with him with the intention to invest in him. Later, both of them faced the same enemy—Ashoka Manor—and he had lent him a helping hand.

This time was a coincidence as well. Had it not been for the fact that the old Officiator from Ashoka Manor had killed one of his sect members for no rhyme or reason, he would not have gone back to kill him.

Uncannily, due to a series of coincidences, he happened to save Li Shunxi.

And now, this man was the bearer of the Jade of Secrets and possessed the power of foresight. Not only that, he swore to destroy Ashoka Manor. This completely changed Lu Sheng’s perspective of this man, as he had hitherto been regarding him as an ordinary mortal.

"I’m going to the Central Plains. That’s where the other bearer of Spirit Giant Blood, which Ashoka Manor is trying to find, is," Li Shunxi said.


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