1 The assignment

(Note this is inspired by metro exodus and other metro games)

Anton Yebirsk briskly walked down the brightly lit halls towards breifing room 19 'the red room'. He knew this room was reserved for some of the worst assignments that could be given. With a heavy sigh he opened the door dreading what was to come. "Yebirsk right on time. "we are short on time so I'll cut to the chase." "We believe the crimson ether have secured a ballistic missile silo."

Anton knew the crimson ether were ruthless savages who butchered whoever stood in their way of domination. So to hear they aquired a missile silo it was serious.

"So why dont we launch an all out assult strike on them before they get it operational. " he asked puzzled as to why he was here

General Rantomir Stated "Because they have allied with multiple factions the riders,the marcoviches and more so we can't not without starting another war. " "However the silo is damaged and unarmed it was built as part of the cold war and was decommissioned in 2039 as part of the Quiloten treaty it also was one of the nationals targets in the great war." "We are sending you deep into the Fog to try to find passage to the quietlands and outpost sites."

"Why me?" Anton questioned

"Because your our best recon specialist." "Now get your ass to the armoury and prepare you have access to a recon vehicle and the ability to request four operatives to assist you."

"Roger that."

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