Was it Suicide? Book

novel - Fantasy

Was it Suicide?


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ANNA CARMEIL was going to propose to the love of her life, Joel Fryer, when she saw JOEL begging her sister, AVA, for her love. She returns back home thinking of confronting her sister but before she could do that, AVA was found dead. JOEL, who was the last person seen with AVA, goes M.I.A. The officials believe that it was a suicide and closed the case. After a few years, ANNA gets a job. On the very first day, she sees JOEL, the CEO of the company. Seeing the love of her life in front of her, she feels a thousand emotions. All she wants to do is hug JEOL and say everything that she has kept to herself for years. But JEOL was cold to her. Things happen and JOEL and ANNA fall deeper in love with each other but love was not in ANNA's destiny. Thinking that ANNA is a misfit for JEOL, she wonders how perfect JEOL and AVA would have been as a couple. Things trigger ANNA and she is determined to know what happened with her sister. Against all odds, finally, ANNA solves the case all by herself, but the truth itself is hard to digest. What actually happened with AVA? Why did JOEL go M.I.A after AVA's death? Was it really SUICIDE?