42 His Choice

Shijie went to the Everlasting Jade Pavilion inside his father's study with Old Huo and saw his father sitting on the peculiarly adorned chair that was placed in front of a desk. 

Looking at Li Junwei, he bowed in greetings and asked, "Father, you asked of me?"

Li Junwei smiled slightly and responded, "Yes, I hear you're having fun lately. Do you like the city?" 

Embarrassed, Shijie lowered his gaze and muttered, "Yes,"

Seeing this, Li Junwei laughed and said, "Haha, it's not a problem. I'm glad that you're getting used to it here."

"Anyways, today I have something important to tell you." Li Junwei said as his expression turned serious looking at Shijie. 

Realizing this, Shijie also became solemn and asked curiously, "Yes, what is it?" 

Li Junwei stood up from his chair as he looked into Shijie's eyes and leaned forward slightly. He then finally spoke, "I heard that bandits attacked during the journey, is that right?"


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