40 A Happy Family

The banquet continued as Li Junwei and the other lords discussed important matters of state. New alliances were formed and pacts were forged in consideration of the defense against the disastrous consequences and turmoil of conflicts and wars. 

As the fragrant smoke of incense drifted along in the hall tingling everyone's noses mixed in with the scent of delicious savory food while the melodious sound of instrumental music rang gently in the background, the banquet came to its final moments. 

At the end of their discussion, the lords of southeast Tianze decided on cooperation and a no-violence treaty for three years as well as a joint trade agreement to fill the holes in the economy. 

According to these arrangements, the lords who had agreed would not provoke or take part in any sort of external conflict for three years and keep the peace as well as they would do free trade with each other during this period keeping aside their past grievances. 


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