Warlock of War: My Ares System

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Teacher Quest: Simo Hahya (7)

A shame, huh… I guess. 


About two more weeks had passed, and it was obvious we finally shook the trailers of our tail as there had been nobody in sight for the past few days. 

But, that didn't mean we took our time to relax as we needed to get to the meeting point between the two important figures in two days. 

The walk was about two days more, and our energy restores were running low. 

Everything felt groggy, and practicing with my left hand while also practicing the breathing technique didn't make my experience any better. 

I'd say my mental stamina is pretty good compared to other people, but when compared to Simo, mine was practically an ant before an elephant. 

He's been giving me three-fourths of the chocolate bar each day as well, meaning his body's stamina is also through the roof.