74 Dungeon: Dire Wolf Slums (Final)

Setting up for the late game was my specialty, and though it will take lots of hard work, I should be able to get it done. 

We began hunting wolves for a few more hours as we were most likely going to leave tonight, but that was, of course, after clearing the dungeon. 

"Alright, I hope you all were able to gain a few levels and gain lots of experience. I'm proud of all of you for adjusting to this much bloodlust," My Spear Theory teacher said as we all huddled into one big group. 

The campsite had been folded into our luggage, and we were now preparing to enter the boss's room. 

All the teachers were giving a closing ceremony type of speech, telling us how hard he worked and how they're all proud of us… though I didn't really feel like they were genuine. 

"Hey, are you excited to enter the boss room?" Cy asked, practically jumping up and down in excitement. 


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