Warlock of the Magus World, the world full of deceit, bloodshed, betrayal, backstabbing, logical thinking, profit oriented mindset and myriad of phenomenal mysterious entities. In this world a soul is reincarnated and we embark on a journey of a lifetime, as his ups and downs would be written in the annals of history of the whole Magus World. A man and a myth would make use of his knowledge of the future, leaving behind the mindset of the past embracing his new identify in a new World. What would we see? Where will this journey lead? For all the fans of WMW out there, this is your salvation and a chance to once again swim in the deep intoxicating waters of the strange yet intoxicating Magus World. _______ I would like to request my dear viewer to give a chance and at least solider through 50-60 chapters, This was a totally new experience for me and please pardon my insolence. Glory To The Warlocks. Your Guide through the bizzare world, Keetarp I don't own anything relating to Warlock of The Magus World. The cover is courtesy of an amazing reader, Amon. {A/N : If you want to support me or read more chapters in advanced consider becoming a patreón: patreón.com/keetarp and if you want to join the discord server: https://discord.gg/5TjDmwUWuG}

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Chapter 328

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Once Zack Quank saw the monstrosity approaching them, his face hardened and his expression soured as he charged ahead of others.

Earth Dragons abruptly broke out of the ground. As his body flickered and he possessed one of the Earth Dragon's bodies.

When he possessed the Earth Dragon, its body covered itself in hard earth armor. The dragon head faintly looked like Zack's face and its body grew twice the size.

Zack Quank is a half-Mud Dragon, descendant of the original the true master of the Dead Swamp.

When Zack possessed the Earth Dragon and charged at the Nine-headed Sky Snake, Ben Parks quietly told about the grudge between him and the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

"Level 8 demon beast!" Neelam's and others expression also shifted as one of the Nirvana Realm Master of Ashdown Family named Cynthia said, "Its no wonder he can control the poisonous mist and also freely travel through the mud. He's a hybrid between a Mud Dragon and a human."

"If he didn't know how to control the poisonous mist and the mud, he would've been killed by the Nine-headed Snake a long time ago. At the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp, as long as Zack could hide in the swamps, nobody can do anything to him. That's the reason why it's so tough to handle Zack."

"You! Can you start fighting now?!"

On the other side, Zack was in the form of an Earth Dragon, and he yelled from inside the flames that were breathed out by the Nine-headed Snake, he sounded a little urgent.


"Miss, What should we do?" From a bit far three figure appeared, they were the three from Omega Family, Ordell and her two giant Nirvana Realm Warriors.

"We should wait and let them tire Nine-headed Snake out." The other guy said immediately.

"You think it's that easy, right now the Nine-headed Snake is at it's weakest but those two are still incapable of handling it, it's the best possible opportunity to attack and get rid of it. "

"Do you think it would be wise? And more importantly, how do they know about the location of Gate of Heaven?"

"Enough!" Ordell ordered with furrowed brows and clenched fist, finally she sighed and looked at the ongoing fight with a firm gaze, "The information about the Gate Of Heaven has been leaked somehow and we can't do anything about that. For now, We would join them as well, even with Misty Pavilion we lack insight knowledge about a few things so, it's better to join them otherwise if they fail we may have to deal with it ourselves. Nine- headed snake is much more tricky then I initially thought, and it's at Level 7 similar to Sky Realm which is simply above the paygrade of someone like Gabriel and Misty Pavilion to pry into. Hence, our miscalculation, collaboration is a necessity at this point for us and they are as good as any."

"I only care about the Gate of Heaven. We don't need to worry about sharing or anything. Shura King Yamadūti is coming so, it doesn't matter anyway. This Gate would only belong to us."


Soon, Ordell interfered and offered a partnering with the two Sky realm Warriors, who after a bout of suspicion, hesitation and eventual the losing condition against Nine-headed Snake, they agreed as she joined Zack and Ben into a three way attack against Nine-headed Snake.

Outside the Yin Valley, thunderous roars rang out endlessly and huge amounts of power was surging and propagating across the sky like lightning.

Ben Parks, Zack Quank and Ordell Omega all leapt into the air; they were all facing the Nine-headed Sky Snake with all their strength.

Ben had turned into a giant and was wielding the Silver Curtain to guard against the venom while he held a giant sword in one hand. He was single-handedly facing the three fire-breathing heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

Zack had possessed an Earth Dragon and was veering around the three venomous heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake. The Sky Snake seemed to know that its venom was ineffective against him, so it opened its enormous mouth and bit down on his possessed Earth Dragon.

Ordell was faring the best of the three. She floated in the air like a goddess, forming strange seals with her hands. Huge claws would momentarily appear in the air, which would ruthlessly attack the rest of the heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

These three heads of the Sky Snake could control the natural Yin Qi, but whenever it breathed out the Yin Qi, they would be immediately absorbed by the three invisible whirlpool swirls attracting the Yin Qi towards Leylin who was far away.

After a few futile attempts, the Sky Snake became furious. It moved toward source of interruption and repeatedly tried to find but to no avail.

Various mister and experts soon arrived at that stop. Now all the members from the Ashdown family and Lenoir family had gathered together, all were watching the fight between the Nine-headed Sky Snake and the three masters. Amongst them the only one Leylin knew personally was Paul Wrogan (Nirvana Realm Warrior of Lenoir Family and Harris's brother) and Neelam Ashdown.

Leylin was sitting nonchalantly on a stone, his eyes closed and expression aloof as if he is in his garden. He could clearly feel the striking waves of devastating power radiating throughout the area.

The fight among the Sky Realm masters destroyed all the vegetation around the Yin Valley. In one place, a deep crack had formed on the ground during the battle. Even Leylin, who was sitting a bit far and disclosed, could feel the terrifying impacts.

"Such an exciting fight, but not something I can intervene in, currently I am happy just staying away from the attention of these titans. I am thankful that my Gravitational Field was very suitable to create a protective layer with camouflage technique incorporated together, the A. I. Chip had to reassess and reverse engineer almost all the Martial Skill and Spirits to actually theorize the skill and if not for my knowledge and experience of Magus World, it would have been nigh impossible. But all that work was worth the effort with the final result of remaining undetected by even Sky Realm warriors."

Leylin could clearly gauge from the fight that at his current level, it would be not possible to win against a Sky Realm expert without some serious sacrifice but he is also confident that he can escape with his life intact without any major injures.

At only Earth realm he is capable of peeking at a realm otherwise unimaginable by others.

Leylin didn't stop the Yin Swirls from taking in the natural Yin Qi.

In his chest, the Yin Swirls finally turned into Yin Pearls. They emitted a dark glow and contained overwhelming Yin Qi.

Once the three Yin Pearls sunk into his meridians, his body swayed minutely.

"Finally over."

Checking inside his body, Leylin identified what should be the Yin Pearls inside his meridians, he channeled some unused devour energies already present in the meridians as they all rushed towards the Yin Pearls, as if it was assimilating into the Yin Pearls.

Wisps of untainted devour energy without any negative energy formed into ribbon-like shapes and slowly gathered together.

Once the three Yin Pearls entered his meridians, the energies immediately intertwined with them, as if they were actually trying to empower the Yin Pearls.

"The magical ability of sentient force to assimilate into any form of energy empowering them, it's the innate embodiment of nothingness and being, oblivion and awareness, the creation and nihilism, and with my law of primordial chaos I was able to create the marvelous devour system which fits extraordinarily well with the mysterious devour martial spirit, this allows me to rip the negative energies of it's evil corruption and accumulate a pure form of supreme energy the likes of which can only be called as —Sentient Force."

Soon, more and more Yin Qi pouring into the Yin Swirls, three more new Yin Pearls started forming in the center of the Yin Swirls...

This way, the previous three Yin Pearls that had already sunk into his meridians gained strong support. The Yin Pearls slowly gained dominance within his meridians.

Over Leylin head, the three mountainous Yin snake Swirls continued to rapidly absorb the natural Yin Qi.

The Yin Field that never sees the light all year round, was suddenly struck with its first beam of sunlight!

Under the crazy suction of the three mountainous swirls above his head, the Yin Qi that had gathered for thousands of years and covered the air in the Yin Field, was on the verge of being totally dried up!

The cold and gloomy Yin Field slowly became warmer because of the influx of sunlight.

More sunlight shone from above, and the beams of sunlight shot onto the plants and demon beasts in the Yin Field.

The strange bizarre plants soon became limp and shrivelled up under the blazing sun.

Many demon beasts were roaring in madness. They sprinted out of the Yin Field, and unwittingly rushed towards the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp.

"Hey!" Neelam exclaimed, "These plants and demon beasts are scared of sunlight?"

"The plants in the Yin Field grow from the natural Yin Qi, they've already adapted to the environment here. But now that the natural Yin Qi is gone, these plants that have never been in contact with sunlight can't tolerate it. They are all going to wither and die." Cynthia from Ashdown family explained.

"What about the demon beasts?"

"They're the same. The demon beasts that live here cultivate by absorbing the Yin Qi. There is a heavy amount of Yin Qi in their bodies, they naturally like the cool shade. So once they realized that sunlight has appeared, they could only sprint away to escape into the swamps in the outer areas. At least there are poisonous fogs and the shade of old trees to cover them. It's better than being completely exposed to the sun like this."

"Does that mean the Nine-headed Sky Snake is affected too?"

"Indeed." Cynthia was dazed for a second, and she gazed at the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

Sure enough.

Under the blazing sun, the three heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake that breathed Yin Qi seemed to be getting weaker.

Under Ordell's attacks with the giant hands, those three heads could only dodge, possessing no power to fight back.

The two tall buff men who were worriedly watching her, at this moment, finally breathed out in relief.

One of them looked back and gazed afar and around blindly searching for something or someone, he frowned and quietly said, "Thanks to the person who dealt with Yin Qi, if it weren't for them absorbing all that natural Yin Qi like this and exposing sunlight in the Yin Field, the Nine-headed Sky Snake would really be hard to handle."

"But we should be careful, someone capable of dealing with Yin Qi like this must be an expert on his own."

"Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!"

The Nine-headed Snake stumbled along the way, and suddenly sprinted towards the Yin Valley.

The sun had appeared and the Nine-headed Sky Snake's body was heavily damaged. It actually started thinking about running for its life.

"Chase it!"

Zack cried out, he ran ahead first, staring at the Nine-headed Sky Snake, and pursued it vigorously.