10 First mission

In the mission hall, there were plenty of requests from merchants, nobles and even royals. The Ivory Tower was after all created and funded by the Greenhill Kingdom.

However, Ivory Tower acolytes were not all powerful. Besides the fact that most acolytes in the tower were beginner rank acolytes who only mastered one or two spells, it was not uncommon for them charge more magic crystals than the original price agreed upon, after clearly identifying the threats.

Greem knew that very well, as he was such an acolyte in the past.

Because of this, the personal requests made to groups such as the Blue Wolf Mercenary Group were more popular. Besides the fact that the group was fair for the sake of maintaining a good reputation, these groups selected their acolytes so there was a certain standard of strength involved when recruiting from such factions of acolytes.

In return, clients would have to pay a more hefty sum.

[Rise of the dead in Belkurn City - Investigation Mission

Three skeletons have been spotted in the city graves. Although they were subjugated by the militia, thirteen soldiers lost their lives in the subjugation, and twice more were injured. Belkurn City is begging the Blue Wolf Mercenary Group to solve this problem

Rewards : 150 Magic Crystals, Permanent citizenship in Belkurn City, Honorary titles, Lodging in the Jade Mansion during the whole duration of the mission, Access to the military forces of Belkurn City

Estimated Duration : 1 year]

"This mission is pretty good, what do you think about it?", Greem said while picking the first mission he found.

150 magic crystals were an enormous sum. Even if the party hunted on a weekly basis, it would take more than a year to get this amount of money. After all, the last expedition was an exception to the rule. Most hunts resulted in no harvest at all, not to mention that any injuries would prevent the party from hunting for quite a while.

Plus, as strong as the beasts from the outer border of the plains of the death were, they were becoming increasingly rarer with so many acolytes hunting there.

"This is not bad, but there is a lot of unknown variables in this...Skeletons are not that difficult to deal as low-rank magical creatures, but if there is a group of necromancers behind, then we might get into a fight we cannot win. Do not forget that a single intermediate acolyte is enough to deal with us", Emma analysed carefully

William nodded: "Let's not be blinded by those rewards. Let's focus on things we can complete"

Greem nodded. He lacked information. After all, even with his memories, he had not heard of Belkurn City before. Most likely, this mission was completed swiftly by an experienced acolyte in the past.

"What about this one? It seems quite appropriate"

[Castle Subjugation - Pontsfield County

The Count Pontsfield has had many disagreements with the Larse Barony, a minor noble household belonging to the Savarion Kingdom. The Pontsfield army possesses eight knights, as well as 800 soldiers, including an elite troop of heavy infantry. In comparison, the Savarion Kingdom only possesses 3 renowned knights and 300 soldiers. However, the castle is built uphill, making it near impossible to conquer through regular methods.

Rewards - 120 Magic Crystals, Friendship with the Count, Access to Count's personal library, Eternal Guest Title

Estimated Duration: 1 year]

The party continued to look for more missions, yet there was none as rewarding as the castle subjugation request from the Count. Thus, they all agreed to take this mission as their first mission.

Greem was also smiling inwardly.

He had naturally heard of the fall of the Larse Barony in the past, although it happened three years later, after the beginning of the great war.

'This mission is not as simple as it seems...If my memory is right, there will be beginner rank acolytes involved in this from the Phoenix Empire...'

The Savarion Kingdom was indeed an ally to the Phoenix Empire, and the Larse Barony acted as a gate. Conquering it would not only alter the great war significantly, it would also provide plenty of supply opportunities to the front lines in the future. Due to this, the Phoenix Empire had sent several beginner rank acolytes there.

A normal party of acolytes would have trouble conquering such a castle, but this was the exact reason why Greem wanted this mission. Besides the attractive rewards, this was the perfect environment for growth, especially after he managed to get ahold of the [Soul Fire Dagger], which could help him raise his vitality tremendously.

Black would also grow tremendously.